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A list of merchandise for the second Super Sentai series J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai.


Victorer Series


Popy's Victorer Series (ビクトラーシリーズ Bikutorā Shirīzu) was a line of plastic figures and vehicles. For JAKQ Dengekitai, four 4" figures of the core team and six vehicles were released.



Figures of Spade Ace, Dia Jack, Heart Queen, and Clover King were sold separately. Each figure was packaged with a translucent blue Powered Capsule with the "Victorer" logo on front.



  • VJ-06 Sky Ace (VJ-06 スカイエース): JAKQ's aircraft. Two missile launchers are located on the front and two more on the wings which can be positioned in flight or landing positions. Up to five figures can be placed inside, although only four different figures were released.


  • VJ-07 Jack Tank (VJ-07 ジャックタンク): JAKQ's armored vehicle. It has a retractable shovel in the front and the turret can launch missiles. Four figures can fit inside the cockpit.


  • VJ-08 Spade Machine (VJ-08 スペードマシーン): Spade Ace's car. It has two missile launchers on the front bumper and pistons that move in conjunction with the rear wheels.


  • VJ-09 Mach Dia (VJ-09 マッハダイヤ): Dia Jack's car. It has missile launchers on the rear spoiler, a gun hidden under the hood, and a trunk that can be opened to reveal the engine.


  • VJ-10 Auto Clover (VJ-10 オートクローバー): Clover King's motorcycle. While lacking gimmicks, it includes a Clover King figure.


  • VJ-11 Heart Buggy (VJ-11 ハートバギー): Heart Queen's dune buggy. It has a missile launcher in the grill.



  • JAKQ Dengekitai Command HQ (ジャッカー電撃隊 指令本部 Jakkā Dengekitai Shirei Honbu): A playset modeled after the JAKQ base. The playset has 3 levels, with four Powered Capsules on the ground floor, a command room on the second floor, and a catapult and missile launchers on the roof. It includes four JAKQ figures that are a bit smaller than the Victorer figures.

Popinica Series

The Popinica Series (ポピニカシリーズ Popinika Shirīzu) was a line of smaller scale vehicles with diecast parts. They are about half the size of JAKQ's Victorer Series vehicles and come with solid molded figurines rather than action figures.


  • PB-14 Spade Machine (PB-14 スペードマシーン) comes with a painted Spade Ace figurine to place in the driver's seat. It has two missile launchers in the front bumper, flip-up headlights, and a trunk that opens to reveal the engine.


  • PB-15 Mach Dia (PB-15 マッハダイヤ) comes with a painted Dia Jack figurine to place in the driver's seat. It has a rocket launcher of the spoiler, movable Dia Cutters on the front bumper, and a trunk that opens to reveal the engine.


  • PB-16 Jack Tank (PB-16 ジャックタンク) has a movable turret, opening side hatches, a retractable shovel in front and a claw in back, and missile launching gimmicks.


  • PB-17 Auto Clover (PB-17 オートクローバー) includes a painted Clover King figurine.

  • PB-18 Sky Ace (PB-18 スカイエース) includes miniature JAKQ Machines and a missile launching gimmick.[1]


  • PB-23 Heart Buggy (PB-23 ハートバギー) comes with a solid pink Heart Queen figurine and has missile launching gimmicks.



  • GA-46 Chogokin DX Spade Ace (GA-46 超合金 DX スペードエース) is a diecast Spade Ace figure and a Powered Capsule. Also included is a non-poseable figure of Goro Sakurai and a Spade Arts accessory.

Vinyl Figures


  • Soft Vinyl Set: A set of five small vinyl figures that includes the core JAKQ members and Joker.


  • JAKQ Sortie Set: A set of vinyl JAKQ Machines and Spade Ace.

Later Releases

Real Action Heroes


In 2002, Medicom created two figures of Sokichi Banba for their 1/6 scale Real Action Heroes line. One features him in his white suit and the other as Big One.

Toei Retro Soft Vinyl Collection


Toei Retro Soft Vinyl Collection (東映レトロソフビコレクション Tōei retoro Sofubi Korekushon) is a line of retro-inspired 24 centimeter tall vinyl figures produced by Medicom. In 2020, a Big One figure was introduced into the line.[2]



HG Series: JAKQ Dengekitai was released in 1999 as a gashapon line. Bandai's HG Series features highly detailed mini figures with realistic proportions.


CharaEgg Sentai Hero Series (キャラエッグ 戦隊ヒーローシリーズ) was a line of mini figures in blind boxes released in 2003. This set consisted of 15 different figures, including the Battle Fever team along with the Gorenger and Battle Fever J teams.

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