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J2/Neo Jetman 2 is the codename of an unnamed Neo-Jetman. He makes his first appearance saving the Jetman from Meteor BEM before it could finish them off. Later when the Jetman were exercising, he mocks them, stating that watching weaklings work-out brings a tear to his eye. When Supreme Commander Akira Ichijou disbands the original Jetman, J2 and the other Neo-Jetmen aggressively threw them out of SkyCamp, with J2 pushing Raita when he pleads to him, causing Gai to retaliate and cause a small scuffle. When Meteor BEM infiltrates and begins to destroy SkyCamp, J2 and his teammates are overpowered, and were forced to take a last stand when Ichijou locks them and Aya in the same room. When the original Jetman join the fight, J2 and his team sacrifice their powers to give them their powers back, ultimately making peace with them and admitting they are the true Jetman.

Neither J2 or his team participated in the Great Legend War, as they are canonically depowered.

Choujin Sentai Jetman: Toki wo Kakete

In the non-canon manga sequel, J2 and the other Neo-Jetman somehow have their powers back and have taken over for the original Jetman, who have retired. When Radiguet possesses Tranza and attacks the city, the Neo-Jetman are taken hostage in the Jet Garuda. After being saved by the Jetmen, the Neo-Jetmen make way for them once again.At the end of the series, all of SkyCamp, the Neo-Jetman included, go out to enjoy the sky together, promising to fight for the Earth.

Neo-Jetman 2


Neo-Jetman 2

The Neo-Jetmen wear a black militarized Sentai outfit with wrist and shoulder armor, and their Birdonic Reactors fitted on their chest. They wear a silver buckle with a holster for their Neo Shooter. Their helmets are bird themed, being silver and black with a white visor with the Jetman symbol on the forehead, and two large black see-through eye spots. Neither their suits nor their helmets fully cover their bodies; they suit leaves their neck exposed and the helmet leaves their mouths and part of their cheeks exposed.




  • J2 was the only Sentai Ranger to use a scythe as a weapon until Naga Rei of the Kyurangers, 26 years later.
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