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J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai vs. Gorenger (ジャッカー電撃隊VSゴレンジャー Jakkā Dengekitai tai Gorenjā) is the teamup special between J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai and Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. It is the first cross-over between two Sentai teams, taking place after the series finale of JAKQ. This special also featuring photos of the other heroes created by Shotaro Ishinomori such as Kikaider, Kamen Rider V3Icon-crosswiki.png and Kamen Rider AmazonIcon-crosswiki.png. Although this is the first teamup special, it would not happen again until 18 years later in 1996 with the release of Chouriki Sentai Ohranger: Ole vs. Kakuranger, which marked the beginning of the VS series of films being a yearly tradition.

It serves as an epilogue to the original two Sentai series and the Ishinomori era after J.A.K.Q.'s run was cut short, making it the final production before the Super Sentai revival started with Battle Fever J the next year.


The J.A.K.Q. team are out shopping when a UFO appeared in the sky. The team go and meet up with Joker and Banba, who sends them out in the Sky Ace. The team pursues the UFO, and attempts to make contact with them. As it flies around, they decide to attack the UFO, but it is quick enough to evade the Sky Ace's attacks.

Meanwhile, ISSIS's First Fuel Division was attacked by CRIME's Iron Mask Army, led by Baron Iron Mask. The entire division was wiped out by the relentless attack. The army swept in and stole a cache of uranium. At the same time, the Sahara Army, led by General Sahara attacked the Second Fuel Division, similarly stealing uranium. The Third Fuel Division was also attacked, this time by Hell Boxer's Boxer Army, with uranium also being stolen.

Back at base, Banba and Joker go through the evidence of the attacks. They realize the UFO was a distraction so CRIME can execute the raids. J.A.K.Q. questions Joker regarding this, as they assume CRIME to be defeated. Joker answers that the battle against evil continues around the world, with the Gorengers fighting Sahara Army in the Sahara desert, Kamen Rider V3 fighting the Iron Mask Army in Europe and Kikaider fighting the Boxer Army in Mongolia and Kamen Rider Amazon also joining the fight in the Amazon rainforest. Joker then says CRIME is gathering in Cape Mystery, Japan.

At Cape Mystery, Zolders and Crimers stand guard around the area. Boss Iron Claw, mysteriously revived from his previous encounter with J.A.K.Q., announces the plan as a success. CRIME is using the stolen uranium to create atomic bombs, and once they are completed Operation UFO will commence. It is then a Crimer reports that a spy has escaped. Hell Boxer and Baron Iron Mask chase after the spy in a helicopter, who is escaping by motorboat. Hell Boxer machine-guns the spy, killing him.

The spy's body later washes ashore, and J.A.K.Q. arrives to investigate. The spy has strange letters scrawled on his back, written in ink that only shows in sunlight. It is then Goro notices a mysterious woman. He orders the body to be autopsied, as he goes after the woman with Karen. With J.A.K.Q. cornering the woman, she reveals herself as Peggy Matsuyama, Momorenger of the Gorengers. She warns that CRIME is planning a massive attack.

Back at base, the strange letters on the body is deciphered by Joker, with the message reading "UFO Atomic Bombs", along with the coordinates of CRIME's base. J.A.K.Q. sneaks into the base, with Goro and Karen stealing a truck to get inside. There, they eavesdrop on Boss Iron Claw explaining their plans. CRIME plans to drop atomic bombs on America, the USSR, China, France, England, West Germany and Japan while they escape into space, returning after the ensuing chaos has subsided. Suddenly, the alarms sound as an intruder is detected, with said intruder being Peggy. Goro and Karen fights off the grunts, rescuing her.

As the trio escape into a quarry, they are cornered by the combined forces of the Crime Big Four's respective armies. The Sky Ace swoops in, with Ryu and Bunta transforming into Dia Jack and Clover King, as well as allowing Goro and Karen to morph into Spade Ace and Heart Queen respectively. It is then the Gorengers arrive in the Varidorin. The two Sentai teams join forces to defeat CRIME. The battle is intense, with the four generals joining in. As the heroes gain the upper hand, the Crime Big Four merge into Big Four Robo.

The Gorengers attempt to use the Gorenger Storm, but the robo destroys the ball using the grinder in its torso. J.A.K.Q. attempts to use the J.A.K.Q. Covack, but this too fails. It is then Sokichi Bamba arrives, disguised as a fisherman. Sokichi Bamba transforms into Big One, and informs they need to combine their powers to destroy Big Four Robo. The Gorengers and J.A.K.Q. performs a variant of the Gorenger Storm, and then inserting the Gorenger Storm ball into the Big Bomber, creating a hybrid missile that obliterates the Big Four Robo. When the Big Four Robo is destroyed, the base explodes, but Iron Claw escapes in the UFO, intent on carrying out his plan alone. Secretly, Big One is controlling the UFO (having swapped Iron Claw's real hand for a remote controlled copy) and causes it to trigger the UFO's self-destruct, destroying it and the bombs, and killing Iron Claw.



Spade Ace Goro Sakurai
Dia Jack Ryu Higashi
Heart Queen Karen Mizuki
Clover King Bunta Daichi
Big One Sokichi Banba


Akarenger Tsuyoshi Kaijo
Aorenger Akira Shinmei
Kirenger Daita Ooiwa
Momorenger Peggy Matsuyama
Midorenger Kenji Asuka


Joker Daisuke Kujirai

Other Heroes

These heroes from other tokusatsu series are mentioned as fighting across the world, but don't actually appear.
Kamen Rider V3 Shiro KazamiIcon-crosswiki.png
Kamen Rider Amazon Daisuke YamamotoIcon-crosswiki.png



Suit Actors


  • Unlike the first J.A.K.Q. movie, this is an original production and not a theatrical showing of a TV episode.
  • New sets are used for the J.A.K.Q. headquarters and Sky Ace's cockpit.
  • This is the first Super Sentai production that served as a crossover between two teams.
  • Peggy Matsuyama is the only Gorenger who appears in her civilian form. Hiroshi Miyauchi, who appears in this movie as his role in J.A.K.Q., Sokichi Banba, also voices his Gorenger character Aorenger. Kirenger is voiced by his original actor (Baku Hatakeyama), while Aka's and Mido's voices were provided by a combination of previously recorded voice clips of the two and a new actor for Aka.
  • Kikaider, Kamen Riders V3Icon-crosswiki.png, and AmazonIcon-crosswiki.png are referenced in the movie as fighting Crime forces on different continents, establishing Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Kikaider being in the same universe. Super Sentai would later have its first official crossover with Kamen Rider in Kamen Rider Decade.
  • The movie is set after the final episode of J.A.K.Q., making this one of the rare instances where a Sentai crossover establishes its place in a show's continuity.
  • This was the only theatrically released team-up until Engine Sentai Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger in 2009.
  • The year this film was released, 1978, is the only year since the start of Gorenger with no show on television, making this the sole Sentai work between J.A.K.Q.'s end and the start of Battle Fever J.
  • Final appearance of four of the main five Gorenger and the original four J.A.K.Q.
  • Footage from this film, featuring the Gorengers and J.A.K.Q. fighting together, would be reused in the 1986 video compilation special Toei 100 Great Heroes Super FightIcon-crosswiki.png.

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