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"All done."
―J-Borg after the task is complete[src]

J-Borg is an android created by Hartford Robotics for BuzzBlast in Power Rangers Dino Fury. She is the partner of BuzzBlast editor-in-chief Jane Fairview.


She was introduced to the BuzzBlast staff by Jane, having been delivered by Hartford Robotics. Jane's intention was for her to act as her new assistant, and eventually take her place. J-Borg will do anything she's told, and perform her assigned tasks much faster than a human.[1]


J-Borg as an Android can move faster than any human who sign forms more quicker.

Behind the Scenes



  • The company responsible for building J-Borg, Hartford Robotics, directly references to Andrew Hartford, who created the Overdrive Rangers, but most notably his son, Mack Hartford as he was an android too.
  • Due to her being an android, she is immune to Vypeera's powers.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lost Signal
  • She can be temporarily harmed by electricity, as shown when she accidentally touched an electrical fence.Tvicon.png TV STORY-New Recruits
  • One of her hair styles is similar to Astronema’s mind controlled form hair style.
  • Although an android, she does seem to possess some negative human emotions such as fear (when encountering a Sporix beast), embarrassment (when she expressed concern during Jane's failed live-streamed cat collar demonstration), and even jealousy (when she sees three young people trying to break the record for blowing the biggest bubblegum bubble, and decides to break the record herself).
  • Despite being an android, she apparently possesses the ability to both taste, and to feel cold, as when she tried ice cream for the first time, although her manual warned against it.
  • She's waterproof, which allows her to use a hot tub with no damage. She's also immune to Squashblight's venom, which turns humans and other living creatures into trees.
  • Her mannerisms and jittery voice are also similar to the 1990s android Thelma from Nickelodeon's Space Cases.


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