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"Tiger Fury, Green Ranger!"
―Roll call

"Skirts... aren't really my thing."
―Izzy after removing her suit's skirt.[src]

Isabella "Izzy" Garcia[1] is the athletic step-sister of Javi who becomes the second Dino Fury Green Ranger, and the second Green Ranger of the Dino Fury Rangers.

Character History

Becoming Rangers

"Are you... Am I... Are we the...?"
―Izzy and Javi in unison after morphing for the first time.[src]

Javi and Izzy first morph

Izzy was Zayto's assignment for BuzzBlast, and meets him, Amelia and Ollie as she was practicing her javelin skills, becoming initially confused at Zayto’s attitude at the mention of him being a knight and calling javelins "Spears," and declines to be interviewed by him, until he gave her advice on her throw and she accepts. Unfortunately, the interview was cut short when Ollie told Zayto and Amelia about the Ranger Hotline. She later meets up with her step-father as he was discharged from hospital where she meets the Rangers and expresses about being a fan before learning her step-brother had taken the Nephrite Orb, which a group of monsters were after, and guides the Rangers to where Javi would go.

Izzy discards the skirt portion of her suit

She arrives with the Rangers by knocking the orb out of Boomtower's hand before running off with Javi to hide, until they came out before Javi broke the Orb, revealing the Stego and Tiger Dino Keys, which instantly morph Javi and Izzy into the Black and Green Dino Fury Rangers respectively, though the latter tears off her skirt, saying they "Aren't really her thing". After chasing off Boomtower and defeating Draknarok, Javi and Izzy were introduced to Solon by Zayto, who reveals his antennae. Izzy was later present to watch Javi, who was given the job at BuzzBlast. Tvicon.png TV STORY-New Recruits

The Tiger Claw Zord

"Go Tiger Claw Zord!"
―Izzy Garcia[src]

Izzy later starts training for an upcoming cross-country race with her cousin Lily coaching her and Javi watching her. The rest of the Rangers arrive to see Izzy as she introduces Lily to them, revealing that the latter has CHARGE syndrome, and is a Special Olympic medal winner for finishing first at the 1500 meter track races as well as being her coach for her race. When the Rangers return to their base, Solon reveals that she managed to find the location of Izzy and Javi’s Zords but since they were buried underground for 65 million years, Solon says she'll built a device in order to find them.

Izzy gets set right before the race.

When Izzy finishes her laps, she sees how Lily arrived thirty minutes late. Izzy was not happy to see Lily late as the race was tomorrow and was even more upset when the latter explained that she had to help her friend Mona do some shopping. Lily said that sometimes winning was not as important as helping a friend, but Izzy rudely brushes Lily off and leaves. On the day of the race, Mona appears next to Izzy and the other Rangers in a wheelchair, explaining that Lily helped her shop due to her being unable to grab things from the top shelf. Izzy felt guilty after this and wanted to apologize to her cousin, only to be pulled into the starting line where her rival, Fern, wishes her luck in a sarcastic way right before the race starts.

While the race starts and Izzy manages to pull into the lead, the Sporix Beast known as Brineblast appears and grows giant. The Rangers get the news, but they tell Izzy to focus on the race while they deal with Brineblast. As Izzy continues the race, Fern catches up to her, but trips on a root and falls into a pit. Izzy decided to go down and help Fern, despite the fact that she will lose her lead after remembering what Lily told her yesterday. Izzy then rejoins the race, only to hear Boomtower’s laugh from the distance. She sees Boomtower and Mucus, but when confronting the duo, she sees that her Dino Fury Key is resonating strongly to her Zord. Izzy morphs and attacks Boomtower, but he declares that she is too late before leaving with Mucus.

Izzy finds her Zord.

As the rest of the Rangers form the Dino Fury Megazord to fight Brineblast, Izzy calls them and tells the team to lure Brineblast to her location and have him destroy the mountain containing her Zord. The plan works as the monster destroys the mountain and frees Izzy’s Tiger Claw Zord. The new Zord easily overpowers Brineblast with its agility before Izzy merges it with the Megazord to form the Dino Fury Megazord Claw Formation, beating the Sporix Beast though they later lost it to Boomtower. Javi later encourages Izzy to finish it, even though she will end up in last place. Izzy manages to finish the race and later apologize to Lily for the way she treated her. The Warden also appears to tell Izzy that he is proud of her. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Winning Attitude

Tombtress unleashes her Mood Blast on Izzy, causing her to become excessively scared.

Izzy decides to see a new coach, and quickly leaves after learning that this coach cares only about money.

Video game appearances

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Dino Fury Green Ranger as seen in Legacy Wars.

Izzy, as the Dino Fury Green Ranger, is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars,she is a Epic (Leader), Epic (Assist) character,and represents Dino Fury Rangers.


Izzy is ambitious, and tends to get quite competitive when it comes to athletic events. She's sassy, and tends to wisecrack or use slang. Izzy cares for her step-brother more than anyone else and is always there to comfort him whenever he's feeling down. She does not like skirts and even discarded the skirt of her Ranger costume.


Dino Fury Green

Dino Fury Green Ranger

Dino Fury Green Ranger (skirted version) in Ep 4[2]

This is Izzy's primary Ranger form that was granted by the use of the Green Dino Fury Key. It is based on a Saber-Toothed Tiger. The suit originally had a skirt, but Izzy tore it off after morphing for the first time due to her personal dislike of skirts.




  • Tiger Fury Strike: By inserting the spare Tiger Dino Key in the Chromafury Saber, Dino Fury Green gathers all of the Tiger Claw Zord's power and executes an extremely powerful energy slash, that takes the form of Tiger Claw's head.

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 4-17, 19-22

Dino Fury Green Elasto Dino Key

The Elasto Dino Key allows Izzy to stretch her body & become flexible, and as an armament it allows her to stretch her arm or the blade of her Chromafury Saber freely.

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 5-6

Dino Fury Green Sprint Dino Key

The Sprint Dino Key allows Izzy to become faster in battle.

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 7, 13, 20-21

Dino Fury Green Muscle Dino Key

The Muscle Dino Key allows Izzy to enhance her strength.

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 8-9

Dino Fury Green Flare Dino Key

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 12

Dino Fury Green Balloon Dino Key

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 15

Dino Fury Green Hover Dino Key

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 19

Dino Fury Green Shield Dino Key

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 22

Morph and Roll Call

Behind the Scenes

"Izzy is a highly competitive and ambitious athlete. She pushes herself to the limits and never gives up, even when the stress is overwhelming. She’s close with her step-brother, Javi.[3]"
―Official description from PR website.[src]


  • Izzy is portrayed by Tessa Rao. As Dino Fury Green, her suit actor in Super Sentai footage from Ryusoulger is Masato Tsutamune (蔦宗 正人 Tsutamune Masato) and Ai Wadazaki, who also served as Izzy's stunt double, in US footage.
  • Actress Alexandra Nuñez stated that she was originally cast as the role of Izzy, but was replaced for currently undisclosed reasons.


  • Izzy is the first female Green Ranger in the Main Universe of Power Rangers. There were, however, other Green female Rangers that debuted in other media before her.
  • Izzy has been shown to be the only Dino Fury Ranger to be a teenager still in high school, making her the youngest member of the team.
  • Izzy is the only Ranger who does not wear her color in her civilian clothing during the opening credits.
  • Unlike previous female Rangers who were adapted from male Sentai Rangers, Izzy is the first where it is explained in-universe why she does not have a skirt while another female teammate does (tearing it off due to preference).
  • Due to Izzy's Sentai counterpart being male there is a noticeable height and body mass discrepancy in shots using Sentai footage.
  • Izzy is the first LGBTQ Ranger from the TV series, but not the first in the franchise; she is preceded by Trini Kwan from the 2017 movie and Ellarien & Remi from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comics
  • Izzy is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.
  • She is the only Dino Fury Ranger whose motif is based on a mammal.
  • She is the only Ranger to use two hands to slam the ground during the morph sequence, whereas the other five Rangers punch the ground using only one fist.


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