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"New friends I made down in the depths of the abyss. They don't say much, but they fight like the dickens."
―Lothor introducing Izzy and Pupperazi.[src]

Izzy is an ancient warrior whom Lothor had brought with him upon his return from the Abyss of Evil, along with Pupperazi. The two of them didn't speak much, but proved to be fierce in combat. It seems that these two warriors were famous in Japan at one time, considering they have characters based upon them in the Japanese TV show based on the adventures of the Power Rangers. The two warriors helped Lothor attack the Wind Ninja Academy and capture the Ninja students. They also helped the brainwashed Wind Rangers attack Reefside. They stood beside Lothor's throne guarding him in his cave lair. They were also called upon again to fight at the Abyss of Evil with the remainder of Mesogog and Lothor's forces; against the Ninja Rangers and Dino Rangers. They were finally defeated by both the Red Wind Ranger and Triassic Ranger's Battlizers.

Character History

Izzy was a blue-faced creature whose face was composed of three small faces. Izzy also had a large crystal-like eye on the forehead, wore a pink robe, and used a paintbrush to create monsters. Izzy and Pupperazi joined Lothor in destroying the Ninja School (the harp carrier even shot a large hole in the side of the temple with a laser) and captured the ninja student and they joined the Storm Rangers and Kelzaks in fighting the Dino Rangers. The two of them were last seen in Elsa and Zurgane's small army of monsters and personally fought against Shane and Connor, putting up a tough fight before being destroyed by their Battilizers.


Both Izzy and Puperazi are the comic relief.

Powers and Abilities


  • Paintbrush: He could fire electricity from his paintbrush or paint any villain that'll come to life.

Behind the Scenes



  • The monster is not named onscreen, but episode writer Douglas Sloan has said he and his counterpart are named "Pupperazi and Izzy" after two fans of the program.
  • In Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, Izzy's counterpart, Mikela was one of the makers of the "monster of the week".  

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