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Iyo Kodera (古寺良世 Kodera Iyo), also known as Net Idol Yodomihime (ヨドミヒメ), is the minor character and a fan of Shiguru Oshikiri in Mashin Sentai Kiramager. She appears in Episode 10: The Girl Who Chases After Shiguru.

Character History

Being a big fan of Shiguru, Iyo would always sent him countless letters showing her love and support of him, while also showing up on film sites to talk to him. However, she grew more and more obsessed with him every day that she started to stalk him. It finally got to the point where she proposed to Shiguru for marriage. Shiguru took the girl out to talk to her and turn down the proposal. However, he never gave her a clear answer and only said "at the time, my career is more important." Taking it as it's still too early to marry him, she decided to become just as famous as him and worked to become an idol worthy to be his bride. She was later approached by Music Jamen who offered her the oppurtunity she was looking for, unaware of the malicious intent he had planned for the humans. Getting involved in a battle with the Kirameiger and recongnizing Shiguru, each time he told her to stop this she would ask him to marry him in return. With no clear answer, he continues to work with Music Jamen. During the day of the big concert, the Kirameiger stopped it, with Shiguru unleashing a new attack with his sword on her and Jamenshi. Part of the blade vanished before it struck her, and hit only Music Jamen. After the big battle, she was furious that Shiguru decided to attack her and cuts all ties with him, much to his relief. However, she soon turn her attention to Sayo, having fallen in love with her after she saved her. Sayo managed to politely turn her down without breaking her heart, but in a flirtatious manner that shocks the others.


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