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Iwakasekigin (イワカセキギン Iwakasekigin) (45) is a rock/fossile-themed Silver Imperial Army Monster of Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Iwakasekigin is created by First Captain Chevalier in an attempt to outdo Garoa in his usage of the "mystery energy" within their ship Vulgyre to crush Fiveman and continue to prove his importance to the organization. Using Iwasekigin and its Rockman minions, it slowly traps each member of Fiveman one by one within stone, fossilizing them and preserving them in hopes of being Chevalier's trophies. Ultimately when four of the five Fiveman are captured, Gaku is saved from the Rockmen by Gunther, who had found a means to escape from his own capture via Galactic Wizard Barrugin. When both FiveRed and Gunther are captured and brought to Vulgyre, Gaku is ultimately fossilized; but is saved by Gunther and is ultimately "freed" when he was accidentally thrown into the "mystery room" within the ship, where Vulgyre's own stomach acid unintentionally breaks down the fossils and allows FiveRed to move again. In his anger, Gaku uses his Five Tector to destroy Iwakasekigin, ultimately freeing his teammates.



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  • Aside from its supremely powerful body, which is made from a durable, tough meteorite, Iwakasekigin's main ability involves the creation of "Rockman" minions: being made of stone which gain sentience and combat for the creature. The Rockmen can merge any being into stone, fossilizing them eternally with little chance of escape.

Behind the Scenes


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