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Itasha Boy (イタッシャーボーイ Itasshā Bōi) is a small version of Itasha Robo that transforms from a RC car version of the Machine Itasha. Though small, Itasha Boy is strong enough to lift a giant monster with ease. It destroys the Mecha Gigan Coelacanth Kans in its debut.


  • One of Itasha Boy's abilities is flight, something it's full size counterpart Machine Itasha cannot do.
  • Itasha Boy is named after the smaller extra robots who all have "boy" in their name such as Titan Boy, Tetra Boy, Tackle Boy and Liner Boy.
  • A modified rendition of the Machine Itasha theme song for Itasha Boy was performed on episode 13 by adding " Boy! " on every lyric mention of Machine Itasha in the Machine Itasha's theme song.
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