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Itasha Boy (イタッシャーボーイ Itasshā Bōi) is a small version of Itasha Robo that transforms from an RC car version of the Machine Itasha. Though small, Itasha Boy is strong enough to lift a giant monster with ease. It destroys the Mecha Gigan Coelacanth Kans in its debut.


  • One of Itasha Boy's abilities is flight, something it's full size counterpart Machine Itasha cannot do.
  • Itasha Boy is named after the smaller extra robots who all have "boy" in their name such as Titan Boy, Tetra Boy, Tackle Boy and Liner Boy.
  • A modified rendition of the Machine Itasha theme song for Itasha Boy was performed on episode 13 by adding "Boy!" on every lyric mention of Machine Itasha in the Machine Itasha's theme song.
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