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Isn't it Lava-ly is the twenty-ninth episode of Power Rangers Dino Thunder.


Elsa captures Dr. Morton, the world's lead volcanologist to awaken a volcano in Reefside, which has been dormant for over a million years. Meanwhile, will Ethan win a video game competition or will his ego get the best of him?


The White Ranger Clone tries to get Zeltrax to return with him to Mesogog, but Zeltrax vows that he will no longer serve him. Dr. Oliver tells the class that there will be a substitute for tomorrow's class - the world's lead volcanologist. Cassidy confronts Devin after class about the to do list, but he informs her that he has other things to do. Conner and Kira ask Dr. Oliver where he's going, and he tells them he's going to find Zeltrax so he doesn't cause any more trouble. Conner tries to get Ethan to practice for the big video game championship but Ethan reminds Conner that he's last year's champion. Tommy searches the woods for Zeltrax but loses track of his signal. Dr. Morton teaches the class about a dormant volcano in Reefside. Cassidy shows up with a bad hair day literally, because Devin wasn't there to take care of her tasks. As Dr. Morton explains that the volcano has been dormant in Reefside for over a million years, Principal Randall listens in. After class, Elsa appears and kidnaps Dr. Morton for her evil purposes. Ethan shows up to the competition to get support from his fans. Elsa plans to use Dr. Morton's knowledge of volcanos to her advantage and puts him into the Geno Randomizer. Dr. Morton is transformed into the Horn-Rimmed Monster. When the White Ranger Clone challenges Conner and Kira, Zeltrax shows up to battle his enemies but begins to weaken and disappears. Tommy alerts the other Rangers to the Hornrimmed Monster's appearance in Reefside. The monster awakens the volcano to unleash an eruption on Reefside. The eruption causes dismay at the Cyberspace and Tommy tells Trent to stay there and protect the civilians. The Rangers are overpowered by the monster and his lava attacks. Tommy shows up and uses Super Dino Mode to take down Hornrimmed and the Triptoids . Conner uses the Battlizer to finish the job. The monster grows, and the Rangers summon the Thundersaurus Megazord but are overpowered. Tommy uses the Brachio Staff to summon up a tidal wave and summons the Stegazord to win the fight. Dr. Morton returns to normal if you call being blown up normal. Later at the competition, Ethan finds out his opponent is Devin who wins the championship. Ethan learns his lesson for being cocky and not practicing. Cassidy shows up and is a wreck. She is enraged to find out Devin blew her off for a video game competition.





  • When Elsa and the T-Drones, kidnap Dr. Norton Morton, some of the seats were on the floor, when earlier none of them were.
  • For some reason Conner powered down from Triassic to his base Red Ranger form despite the Horn-Rimmed Monster not having been destroyed.
  • Tommy is able to summon the Stegozord despite it still being under the control of the Evil White Ranger Clone at this point in the series.


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