The Island of Illusion.

The Island of Illusion is an island placed in an alternate dimension that is featured in the first season of Power Rangers, in the two-part episode of the same name.


It is an island where illusions are common and lack of confidence in oneself will cause a person to disappear from the feet up. However, if one begins to disappear, he or she can reverse the process by thinking a positive thought.

Only one known resident lives on the island. This is a small man named Quagmire, who plays a flute, speaks in rhymes, and must appear when someone calls him. At first, he did not trust the Rangers when they were transported here by Rita Repulsa, but when he learned that Rita sent them to the island, not on a mission, but to be destroyed, he quickly befriended them and offered assistance in overcoming Rita's magic.

When all six rangers managed to escape the Island's power, Rita attempted to destroy the entire island, but the Rangers and Quagmire made it off the island at the last second.

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