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Mystery Island

An unnamed island located somewhere on a world in the vastness of space-time, this location served as the main setting of the summer movie Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger: The Fire Mountain Roars. The Gaorangers and Tetomu were transported to the Island though a tear in space that sucked them up from Earth and brought them here.

The world the island is on seems to be tropical in climate surrounded by water and is populated by tribes of humans. The sky above shows that the island may be on a planet in orbit around three other nearby planets in a unique solar system with three suns. The island has a large active volcano, a mountain surrounded by tropical forests, a large sandy beach, a lake and a cove. It also has a village where the humans live and Ogre Castle, the stronghold of the evil Orgs.


About 6 months before the Gaorangers arrived on the island, a trio of Orgs arrived with an army of Orgettes and attacked the natives of the island, capturing the Princess Iriya and enslaving some of the tribe's people. A prophecy foretold that on a special day when three rings appear and the sacred gems are brought together on the shrine, a sacred red beast would save the people of the island.

Due to the unique nature of how the Gaorangers arrived there as well as the distance traveled, their Power Animals could not be summoned here as the beasts could not hear them. Princess Iriya commenced the ritual after realizing that the "three rings" were in fact the light from a rare triple solar eclipse. Once the ritual was completed the gem became a Gao Jewel. The sacred beast turned out to be the Power Animal GaoKong, who after being freed from the volcano and saving the island from the Three Org Brothers, stayed on the island to protect it as its guardian. The Gaorangers left the Island on GaoGod and returned home while the islanders and GaoKong enjoyed their newfound peace.


  • Much like the Animarium, the island is in the shape of a sea animal, in this case, a Manta Ray.
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