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The Isis Megazord is the fourth and most powerful Megazord used by the Wild Force Rangers.


The Isis Megazord was introduced when the minds of Max, Alyssa, Danny, and Taylor were trapped in another dimension, accidentally, by the resurrected General Org Nayzor, who was destroyed by Merrick after creating Quadra Org. At that time, a little boy (who gave himself the name "Kite", but was later revealed to be Animus) offered the foursome a challenge to assemble a broken puzzle before they were all lost forever in a lake of lava. At the last moment, the four Rangers had solved the puzzle, offering Cole the power of the Falcon Summoner and his Battlizer form, the Animarian Armor.

Using the Falcon Summoner and the Falcon Zord Animal Crystal, Cole summoned the new Falcon Zord, shooting a ball of light energy toward a volcano on the Animarium. The volcano burst as the Falcon Zord emerged from the lava, joining with the Giraffe, Deer, Rhino, and Armadillo to form the Isis Megazord, with the Giraffe and the Deer as its arms, the Rhino as its waist and legs, and the Armadillo as its right foot. The Wings of Animaria


The Isis Megazord is one of the few Megazords that can actually fly, and, in addition to "Final Strike", "Giraffe Spear", and "Deer Clutcher" attacks uses a powerful attack called "Isis Stare", where two powerful eye spots adorning the Falcon Zord's wings transform into catlike eyes that send out a blast of light that can freeze its enemies before Isis Megazord finishes them off with the "Final Strike" attack.

Predator Mode

The Isis Megazord only had one mode known to date—the Predator Mode, where the Hammerhead Shark and Wolf Zords from the Predazord combine with the Bison and Falcon after all other Zords were too injured by the powerful Locomotive Org to continue fighting. Despite the Alligator Wild Zord not being a part of this combination, Predator Mode wields the Predazord's Gator Staff. For part of the battle, Predator Mode had fought the Locomotive Org on its own, despite the Rangers being in the Megazord, using a beam variation of Isis Stare. The final attack in Predator Mode is called Wings of Animaria where it tosses the Wolf Boomerang at the opponent, which comes back, attaches to the Gator staff, and then finishes the opponent by stabbing it at full speed. Fishing for a Friend


  • Predator Mode wields the Gator Staff despite the Alligator Wild Zord not being a part of that combination. However, earlier in the battle, the staff had been used and then dropped by the Locomotive Org and the Megazord may have simply been able to pick it up if it had not become part of the Alligator again following the Predazord's defeat, similar to how the Omega Megazord could wield the dropped Lightspeed Megazord Saber.

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