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"Well done, Doggie."

Isinia Cruger is the wife of Anubis "Doggie" Cruger and the last known female Sirian as of the Earth year 2025.


Past on Sirius

She met her husband while both of them were members of the first S.P.D. in their home planet Sirius, they fell in love and got married. Early on, Doggie's affections for her were challenged by his rival Icthior, but Isinia could never love Icthior due to his lack of honor. During Omni's invasion of Sirius, Isinia was captured by General Benaag while Doggie was knocked unconscious. He was led to believe that Isinia had died and was consequently racked with guilt, which led him to lay down his Shadow Saber.


Over the years that followed, Doggie was tormented by nightmares of the event, and Isinia was mentioned and seen occasionally in flashbacks throughout the series.

Midway through the series, when General Benaag returned and kidnapped Kat, Doggie was determined not to lose another of his beloved ones to Benaag, so he took up his Shadow Saber once again and became the Shadow Ranger. While fighting with Benaag, the latter taunts Doggie about how he left Isinia to be captured, but Doggie manages to defeat him. He uses his Patrol Morpher to judge him about Isinia's murder, but to Doggie's surprise, Benaag is innocent of the crime, and Benaag tells him that there is much that he does not know before he is captured and confined. Shadow

However, it is not until much later, when Doggie faces Icthior once again, that he discovers that Isinia is alive.Badge


During the episode Endings, all of the Rangers are captured and taken to Gruumm's spaceship; there Gruumm brings Isinia (who has been a prisoner of Gruumm for many years) in chains to the Rangers to taunt Doggie, then he puts her in her cell again. The Rangers manage to escape, but Doggie refuses to leave without his wife. Doggie finds Gruumm, who holds Isinia hostage and threatens to drop her to her death, but Doggie saves her and the two are finally reunited as Gruumm apparently falls to his death. Omni becomes The Magnificence and battles against the Rangers, with Doggie and Isinia still inside. With Kat's help they manage to find a weak point of Omni which Doggie and Isinia open from the inside and the Rangers fire against it, but with both of them still inside Omni, destroying the Magnificence once and for all. Everyone is worried that Doggie and Isinia didn't survive the explosion, but everyone is happy to find Doggie and Isinia alive walking through the remains of Omni. Then she watches as her husband defeats Gruumm once and for all.Endings



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