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Ironspike is a powerful Oni-themed mutant. He is the minor antagonist of the episodes "Full Exposure" and "Reflections Of Evil".


Like all other mutants, Ironspike was created in the result of a science accident. Before the events of the series, he, like all other mutants, was captured by Time Force. Later, in the twentie-third episode, he was released by Ransik and sent to destroy the city and the Rangers. Ironspike attacked Silver Hills and fought with the Rangers. Ironspike was a powerful mutant. He had a powerful armor and sword. He also could shoot with laser beams from his eyes. At first he fought with Jen and Katie. Ironspike easily defeated the Yellow and Pink Rangers. But then Wes and Lucas arrived and fought with the mutant. During the battle, a young curious photographer named Mitch watched the battle. Ironspike was finally defeated and frozen by Wes with the Time Strike.Full Exposure

Later, the Rangers met with a mirror version of Ironspike in a dimension created by Miracon. He was again defeated and destroyed by the Time Strike.Reflections of Evil.



Ironspike's personality is simiral to many personalities of previous mutants, that rangers battled. He is boastful, confident and chaotic. It is shown that he likes his job and enjoys fighting. He is highly skilled in the battle and knows how to fight the rangers. But he also underestimates his opponents and it leads to his defeat.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Ironspike has superhuman strength, enough to fight all Rangers.
  • Armor: Ironspike wears strong iron armor which lets him withstand attacks.
  • Laser Vision: Ironspike can shoot cyan-colored laser beams from his eyes.
  • Enlarging: Although he has never done so, Ironspike can possibly enlarge himself using his Seal Patch.


  • Sword: Ironspike uses a sword.

Behind The Scenes



  • In the Power Rangers S.P.D. episode "Boom," Ironspike's head was recycled where it was used on the body of a generic alien that was a customer at Piggy's restaurant.
  • Mutant Seal Patch Location: Right Arm (Ironspike didn't enlarge himself).
  • Although the picture shows him with a kanabō, he never used it. Instead he had a sword as his weapon.

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