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Iron Trap Mask

Iron Trap Mask.

Iron Trap Mask (鉄ワナ仮面 Tetsu Wana Kamen) is the eighth of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Iron Trap Mask lead an attack of an EAGLE base by a Condoler fleet, but used it to begin a smear campaign against the Gorengers, reporting using a special EAGLE hotline that it was Varidreen that lead the attack on its own men; further smearing the airship through public displays to make public opinion turn against the team and their weapon. Akira tries to initially fight him on his own, but can't get his arrows from Ultra Blue Cherry through due to Iron Trap Mask's face catching all of them. When Aorenger tries to ask where the "Varidreen that attacked the EAGLE base" came from, he revealed a fake second Varidreen model on Navarone, to force Akira to think that the Black Cross had their own version of the airship and thus why it couldn't be trusted no matter who flew it.

However after discovering the revelation that Varidreen was designed and built by computer, Akira decides to lead a trick to force Iron Trap Mask out, using Daita to disguise as "Varidreen's designer" to force the Black Cross to invade and capture him. When initially trying to catch him, Tsuyoshi rips the rope apart with Varitank before he ultimately captures and is tricked into seeing he held Kirenger. Daita convinces the Gorengers to not fall for Iron Trap Mask's trap-laden field leading to a confrontation. When Aorenger fires arrows at Iron Trap Mask this time, it ends up with glue upon it that forces the trap down and prevents it from reopening sealing his face. The Gorenger then use Gorenger Hurricane to become a butterfly (unknowingly to them, butterfly collecting is Iron Trap Mask's hobby), which latches onto the closed trap making it explode. Ep. 50: The Blue-Winged Secret! Dangerous Varidreen


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Modus and Arsenal

Iron Trap Mask uses various traps and trap equipment in combat, including the placement of various iron beartraps hidden on a field to prevent anyone from following him as well as a rope with a spear tip that can't be cut through unless with the force of cutters of Varitank. His steel jaws on his head are precise to the point of capturing anything that flies towards to attack him. He also uses a machete in combat and can disguise himself as a human.



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Behind the Scenes

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