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Iron Spider Mask.

Iron Spider Mask (鉄グモ仮面 Tetsu Gumo Kamen) is the twenty-second of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Iron Spider Mask lead a siege of an EAGLE lab which contained the "Yougen Germ" within it; this germ works similar to a flesh-eating bacteria, burning the skin and eating away at the body until nothing but bone remains. His intent was to use the germ with his spiders to attack people and kill them instantly with their bite. When the Yougen Germ is stolen, Tsuyoshi immediately takes the blame for the defeat due to stopping to meet with children as Peggy is forced to stop the invasion on her own leading to the Masked Monster's victory; this leads to Akarenger disappearing until he discovers a way to stop him.

Without their main leader, the four remaining Gorengers pursue an initial invasion of Iron Spider Mask's base, where he cultivates the germ further for his spiders. Akira attempts to break into the lab at first, but is captured and is tortured by a specific Zolder who shows great loyalty to the Masked Monster. The Zolder ultimately becomes Akira's executioner for Iron Spider Mask and Golden Mask, but not before secretly giving him a note regarding the base and with Aorenger preparing by wearing a bullet-proof vest to survive the attack by the villain.

When the four Gorengers return to the base, they are able to sneak into the lab from behind and take the Yougen Germ vial in order to prevent Iron Spider Mask from using it any further; while the suspicious Zolder reveals himself to be Tsuyoshi in disguise. Iron Spider Mask tries to use his mini-spiders for combat, but Akarenger whips his Red Bute to his antenna to stop them. The team ultimately uses Gorenger Hurricane to become a spider web, which Iron Spider Mask makes into his new home as it explodes. Ep. 76: Crimson Infiltration!! Did You See Tsuyoshi Kaijo?


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Modus and Arsenal

Iron Spider Mask's main ability involves the throwing and manipulating of smaller spiders from his torso, attacking opponents with them as they bite and attack while controlling them with his antenna. He also emits webs from his torso and is equipped with a whip.



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Behind the Scenes

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