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Iron snake mask
Iron Snake Mask

Iron Snake Mask (鉄ヘビ仮面 Tetsu Hebi Kamen, 77) is the twenty-third of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Iron Snake Mask's plot involved tormenting the small town of Hebigami, where she emerged at night and sucked the blood of young women in the town until they died. After four reported murders, Peggy receives a letter from another female from the town who asks to be protected from the murderous "snake woman" that has invaded. Peggy decides to take up the invitation and assist in taking down the snake-woman, but Iron Snake Mask instead tries to attack her during the stay and sucks out some of her blood, making her become weaker in the process.

Fearing for her life, she sends for Kenji and Daita to protect her and the town, leading to their discovery of the Black Cross base before they are nearly poisoned. Soon after, Peggy discovers that the actual girl who lived where she was staying and that the girl she was with was the disguised Masked Monster preparing to strike her until Tsuyoshi arrives in the nick of time. After Akira destroys the base, the team take on Iron Snake Mask with Peggy particularly actively striking down her attacks until the team use Gorenger Hurricane to become a can of freezing spray to finish her off. Ep. 77: Black Fear!! The Bloodsucking Snake-Woman


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Modus and Arsenal

Iron Snake Mask's most feared means of attack is her bite, which she uses to drain the blood of female victims, ultimately leading to their death when enough is removed. She also has a serpentine whip and can emit multiple snakes from within her metal eye that can constrict around an opponent's neck. She also uses poison gas as a means to drug her enemies or to set them up for being bitten and can disguise herself as a human.



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Behind the Scenes

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