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Iron Monger (アイアンモンガー Aian Mongā, 13) is a volcano/iron ore themed Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma.

Character History

Iron Monger began life as an iron ball of the special super-alloy extracted by Black Magma from the volcanos of Japan that are typically used for the creation of their Bio-Machine Monger minions. When a Black Magma transport breaks down, Sun Vulcan defeat the Dark Q and Machineman protecting the truck and take the ball into custody to further study it and its properties. After Misa touches the ball, it comes alive and begins to rampage out of control, attacking Sun Vulcan and their GWP base until Queen Hedrian uses her magic to bring it under control and have it roll to a point where it is regained by Black Magma's custody.

After being formed from the ore into an actual Monger, it becomes the bodyguard of one of their volcano plants near where Misa and several kids were camping. Due to Misa being its first contact, it goes directly after her before Sun Vulcan face it in combat. It fights the team, falling to the Vulcan Ball, then to Sun Vulcan Robo after its Expansion Program activates.


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His main ability, gained after "coming alive" prior to becoming a Monger, is the ability to move on its own and change its size and mass with ease, going from a huge heavy size to being as light and small as a marble. After being changed into a Monger, he has a volcano for a head and use a mace for combat.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Iron Monger shares his name with a suit of armor used by several supervillains of Iron Man from Marvel comics. Coincidentally, Sun Vulcan was the last Sentai series that Marvel was involved with.


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