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Iron Man Mask General Temujin (鉄人仮面テムジン将軍 Tetsujin Kamen Temujin Shōgun, 20-42) - The so-called "Mongol Demon", he was recruited from Black Cross Army's Gobi Desert operations. He was the second general to serve as the Black Cross Fuhrer's second-in-command after Sun Mask's defeat. A cold and sadistic operative, he was a brilliant tactician and also formed his own army called the "Steel Brigade" ( Tetsu Gundan). Vain and prideful, he often let his ego get in the way of his operations. He was virtually indestructible thanks to his steel armor, but ultimately, he was killed when Aoranger controlled the Variblune remotely and the Goranger Storm balls that Temujin placed on his shoulders exploded in the Variblune cockpit, taking both Temujin and the Variblune with them. He carried a trident which ended in a sickle-like blade.

Powers and Abilities

Temujin was capable of teleportation, emit explosive flashes from his eyes, emit freezing gas from his shoulders, and was equipped with a trident that could return to him if thrown and the tip concealed a rocket launcher.



  • Temujin is the birth name of the Mongolian Warlord, Genghis Khan.


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