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Iron Lion Mask

Iron Lion Mask.

Iron Lion Mask (鉄獅子仮面 Tetsu Shishi Kamen) is the nineteenth of Black Cross Iron Man Mask General Temujin's Masked Monsters. He was the last minion of Iron Mask Temujin's Army

Character History

Iron Lion Mask lead a squadron within Yonago who were sent to work on creating a site near a hot springs for a massive drill; this drill, once filled with the secret explosive X-800 (which was developed by EAGLE), would be used to cause an eruption of magma from within the Earth to burn the planet. However much confusions occur in trying to get the explosive, which at first seems to be a small pendant that goes from the scientist to being stolen by his young daughter to the hands of Gorenger Asuka after he wins it from her. During Iron Lion Mask's first assault, Midorenger hides the supposed explosive within Tottori Dunes, leading to the Masked Monster searching for it with a squad of Zolders while the real X-800 ends in the hands of Temujin when the scientist tries to exchange it to the Black Cross general for his daughter. After Temujin passes him off as an idiot, he faces the Gorengers in combat, but becomes upset when he doesn't have a medal for his final, ultimate finisher. The Gorengers use Gorenger Storm to create a medal for him, which turns into the Gorenger Storm ball within his stomach, exploding and taking him out. Ep. 41: Big Black Counterattack! The Battle of Tottori Dune


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Modus and Arsenal

Iron Lion Mask carries a staff; but its main weapon is its vending-machine like body: whenever it places a medal within its mouth, a weapon emerges which it can use for combat, including disks, smoke bombs, and chains.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Iron Lion Mask is one of the few monsters seen doing a particular vice, in his case he was smoking a cigar during an early scene prior to doing Temujin's bidding


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