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Iron Comb Mask

Iron Comb Mask.

Iron Comb Mask (鉄グシ仮面 Tetsu Gushi Kamen) is the eighth of Black Cross Iron Man Mask General Temujin's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Iron Comb Mask was the leader of the construction of a volcano-like device in an underground base hidden beneath Tokyo with the plan to use it to burn the city to the ground in a massive eruption. Holding the scientist who helped develop the idea hostage, he gains the notice of the Gorengers after one of the workers becomes killed trying to abduct his daughter as a hostage to cooperate with the Black Cross, then another escaping worker becomes murdered slightly after. Using a disguise, Kaijo infiltrates the base as a worker while placing a tracker for the other Gorengers to scope the base using Variblune and discover where their leader was. However Iron Comb Mask caught on and captured Kaijo, locking him in the same cell as the scientist where he affirmed that he was doing this for his daughter.

The other Gorengers sneak into the base with knowledge of its existence, using a ramen stand to sell to the workers to break in and confront Iron Comb Mask. During a tight battle in the base where the Masked Monster finally activates the device, he is shot by Aorenger's Blue Cherry before the Gorenger Storm changes into a snapping turtle, biting him right at the Blue Cherry-struck mark and finally eliminating him. Ep. 28: Big Red Eruption! Infiltrate the Underground Base


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Modus and Arsenal

Iron Comb Mask's main weapon is a comb-like staff it uses to rip through objects with its teeth; he also has on his tip a multi-purpose device he uses for tracking machines and as a flamethrower.



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Behind the Scenes

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