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"O, gracious me. That fetid oil stench, the bile of the over-eager male. I should rip your guts out through your mouth and give them a good cleaning."
―Irian of the Queen Bee's first words when showing up on the Indevader and after hearing Dereputa complaining about her lateness.[src]

"How DARE you!"
―Irian when Eri and Moune regrouped after she was blasted by the Hawk Bullet and her final words before her initial defeat.[src]

"I'll show you the fury of a woman scorned!"
―Irian when enlarged.[src]

"Lord Drake...let this be goodbye!"
―Irian's final words before her death.[src]

Irian of the Queen Bee (女王蜂のイリアン Joōbachi no Irian) is a Bswa Alien (ブスワ星人 Busuwa Seijin) working for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar.


After annoying the Warstar generals for her late arrival due to her nature, she decides to go down to Earth to make all the men of the planet her own, using her venom to paralyze them and to ultimately make her furniture for living with. When the Goseiger try to fight her initially, she paralyzes Agri and Hyde easily, then Alata after he reveals himself as male even after she claims he is a girl as well at first. When Eri and Moune try to fight her, she defeats them but wants nothing to do with them due to her hatred of females as she goes off with her new male pieces.

Using the pain of "male trees" to search, Moune leads Eri to the caves where Irian is living with her new furniture made of male bodies, including the three Gosei Angel males. When initially facing her, Gosei Yellow uses her Roplant card to tie up Gosei Pink so she can face Irian alone, doing so only because she didn't want her partner to get hurt. While laying on a barrage of Landick Brothers attacks, Eri's desire to help Moune leads to her awakening the Skick Brothers, which she uses to free herself from Gosei Yellow's invocation and fight Irian as a partner. The duo ultimately destroy Irian with the Gosei Dinosaur Trick with the Tyranno and Ptera Headders.

After Buredoran decides to grow her, the Goseiger initially try to use Gosei Great but have a hard time until Alata summons the Skick Brothers to release Skick Gosei Great against her; however Eri and Moune's fury leads to them making the final Skick Shot blow that kills the Warstar Insect.


Irian is a Warstar Alien who is merciless in targeting men whom she finds inferior to her. Only her leader Mons Drake is an exception (she sees Dereputa as too aggressive and Buredoran as too much a loner). She only prefers men, and has a hatred of women and typically wishes to see them destroyed in particular.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Her main ability is the spitting a venomous poison which stuns those struck by it, allowing her to take their bodies and use them however she deems so; she likewise has two whips she uses to attack by force.

Behind the Scenes


Irian of the Queen Bee was portrayed by Yukana, who previously portrayed Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White in Futari wa Pretty Cure; and later portrayed MezoolIcon-crosswiki.png in Kamen Rider OOOIcon-crosswiki.png.


  • Irian is modeled after a wasp.

Concept Art


  • Irian's name comes from the film Alien (エイリアン Eirian).
  • Her home planet "Bswa" (ブスワ) is "wasp" (ワスプ) backwards, with the last kana getting an changed accent.


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