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Invidious is the new butler of Prince Vekar in the Armada Mothership.

Character History

Invidious had a crush with Levira since childhood. He used a love potion that makes fall in love with the first person you see. However, Levira falls in love with Jake and send Invidious to capture him. Upon learning that she is in love with the Black Ranger, Invidious goes all out to destroy Jake with his jealousy-fueled fire attacks, but Levira saves him. But after being suddenly enlarged, with Jale helping him win Levira's love, Invidious is defeated by Legendary Samurai Megazord. Though he survives the fight, Invidious loses all respect from Levira, saying she has no time for losers.


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  • Invidious is the first Action Commander to survive his defeat by the Super Mega Rangers.

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