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"I'm a lover, not a fighter, but if you push me, I'll have to fight back for her!"
―Invidious while fighting the Rangers, stating that he'll only fight for Levira.[src]

Invidious is a sea slug monster who is the new butler of Prince Vekar in the Armada Mothership.

Character History

Invidious had a crush with Levira since childhood. He used a love potion that makes one fall in love with the first person he/she sees. However, Levira falls in love with Jake Holling and sends Invidious to capture him. Upon learning that she is in love with the Black Ranger, Invidious goes all out to destroy Jake with his jealousy-fueled fire attacks, but Levira saves him. Jake helps him win Levira's love, and after he is suddenly enlarged by Prince Vekar, Invidious manages to get the villainess to agree to a date, but on one condition - he must defeat the Rangers. After going on the attack again, Invidious is defeated by Legendary Samurai Megazord which sends him back to the Armada Warship in normal size. Though he survives the fight, Invidious loses all respect from Levira, saying she has no time for losers. Invidious was never seen again after that.


He wielded a love potion that can make the first person it sees fall in love.


He is arrogant and egotistical in battle. The one thing that he desires above all else is the heart of Levira.


  • Invidious is the first and only Field Commander to survive his defeat by the Super Mega Rangers.
    • Technically, he isn't a Field Commander, he's a butler. He mentions it when he say "I'm a lover not a fighter".
  • Despite surviving the battle, Invidious does not appear again, unlike his counterpart, Jealousto, who returned renouncing his evil ways, appearing in a further episode and Gokaiger's two crossover movies. It's likely he was destroyed when the mothership crashed onto Earth.
    • It is likely he could not appear again because of Nickeloden's 22 episode runtime.

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