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"Flip you all! Now, then, what should I flip today?"
―Inverted World's First words[src]

"Flipped... impossible!"
―Inverted World's final words before his initial demise[src]

Inverted World (サカサマワルド Sakasama Warudo, 32) is an inversion-based World from the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo who was created from the Sakasama Tojiru Gear that contained Sakasamatopia. After his death, his Tojiru Gear lasted another life by reforming a New Kudaitest into Great Inverted World.

Character History

The Inverted World was attacking the city until he was spotted by Kaito and Stacy in a middle of a duel. Stacy told the Inverted World to leave, but he swapped both Stacey's and Kaito's bodies. Stacey demands the Inverted World to swapped them back, but he's escaped.

Later, the World Pirates first encounter the Inverted World as he used his ability once again to swap the World Pirates' bodies. The Zenkaiger's has come to a conclusion that Kaito has swapped souls with Stacy and he's in the Tojitendo's base. Inverted World was once again spotted by the body-swapped World Pirates and the Zenkaigers this time with an army of Kudakks. The team transformed (that includes Zocks in Flint's body) and battle the Inverted World.

The fight was then brought to the roof of a building when suddenly Kaito in Stacy's body leapt out of the portal to Tojitendo as he was being chased by Barashitara and with that he transformed into Stacaesar for the first and joined his teammates in battling against the Inverted World and the Kudakks. The battle continues as Barashitara holds off Kaito's teammates so he can continue with the plan which the Inverted World is very appreciated until he was jumped kick by Stacy in Kaito's body and he battles the Inverted World at a parking lot. So with a bit of help from Kaito, he'd summoned Battle Japan, Blue Mask, ShishiRanger, GekiYellow to aid Stacy in the fight against the Inverted World as they managed to knock the Twirl Sickle away from the Inverted World's grasp. Once the Inverted World is weakened, he was then destroyed by the Zenkai Buster Finish and Zenryoku Zenkai Finale Buster, thus reversing the Inverted World's spell.


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The original form of the World.


When the Kudakk was installed with a Tojiru Gear, it briefly transformed into a Kudaiter before becoming a World.

―Transformation announcement[src]

Inverted World

  • World: Sakasamatopia (サカサマトピア)

By using the Sakasama Tojiru Gear, he changes into Inverted World (サカサマワルド Sakasama Warudo).

Powers and Abilities


  • World Creation: Upon the creation of the World Monster, Inverted World can alter the world to his own image.
  • Inversion Beam (サカサマビーム Sakasama Bīmu): Inverted World is able to swap the opponents' bodies by shooting a beam from his head.


Inverted World's Alternate Face

  • Face Change: He is able to change his face.


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  • Twirl-Twirl Sickle (クルクルシックル kurukuru Shikkuru) A double-bladed scythe wielded by Inverted World.

Behind the Scenes



  • Inverted World's face-changing system is very similar to Jokaen from fellow Tokustatsu series Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire. However, Rescue Fire has a toyline produced by TakaraTomy, whereas the Zenkaiger line is produced by Bandai.


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