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The Invasion Garden (侵略の園 Shinryaku no En) is a massive statue-like palace that is the home base of the Invasion Garden Evolian in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.


The palace takes the appearance of a bizarre humanoid-like being that stands in the midst of the deserts of Dino Earth; with its only entrances and exits being small holes within the middle of the being. General arrival and departure into the palace is usually by way of the manipulation of dimensional gates, either a grand gate to Another Earth or by way of the control of someone who can manipulate dimensional transport such as Apostle of Dawn Reje(wel)


Within the palace is a main chamber where the Evolian ultimately plot and scheme. The center of the main chamber of the Tree of Life of Dino Earth, which is the root of power associated with Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya and grows the Life Berries used to create many of the monsters utilized by the group. Near the Tree is a huge bean pod where Reje/Rejewel lives and rests when she is not assisting the other Evolians. It also includes the working spaces for Mikela and Voffa to work on their Trinoids and Giganoids respectively. After Mikoto Nakadai joins the group, a throne is placed in the middle of the base for him to sit upon whenever he resides with the group.Ep. 30: Ultimate Evil! Abarevolien Formation

Invasion Garden Ultimate Form - Dezumogevarus


Ultimate Form DezumoGevalus

Following the destruction of Dezumozorlya's consciousness and all other options have failed for the evil being, it performs its final failsafe by merging with the Tree of Life within the Invasion Garden, turning the being into its final sentient form, Invasion Garden Ultimate Form - Dezumogevarus (侵略の園の究極体デズモゲヴァルス Shinryaku no En no Kyūkyokutai Dezumogevarusu). It is armed with a spear.

The Abarangers both fight the giant Invasion Garden on the outside while AbareBlack and later AbareYellow sneak into the palace to save Mahoro due to being bound to the Tree of Life during the final stages of the battle. After Mahoro is saved and Dezumozolrya's essence appears to have finally been destroyed, the Invasion Garden body tries to perform a final suicide attack on AbarenOh and MaxOhJa, which fails due to the mecha and the Abaranger within them burrowing underground to avoid it's final destruction.Ep. 49: Break In! Abare Final Decisive BattleFinal Ep.: Only Those Who've Abare'd


  • The Invasion Garden's transformation into Dezumogevarus is similar to how Death Neziro turns into its robot form, the Grand Neziro. The difference is that Death Neziro is piloted by Dr. Hinelar who is the true final enemy of the season, while Dezumogevarus is the final villain whose consciousness took over the villain's headquarters instead. Both were eventually destroyed by the heroes' mecha in a suicidal attack attempt as well.

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