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Intruder Alert! is the tenth episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the thirty-third episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It's the first episode of Captain Chaku's arc, marks the debut of Ryjack and the brief revival and permanent defeat of Vargoyle.


The Rangers receive a strange message from outer space warning of an impending threat.


A few days ago, a strange message from space arrived to Grid Battleforce, and Nate has finally decoded it for everyone to hear. When the message plays, it gives a warning to the Rangers about a dangerous criminal by the name of Ryjack, who is coming to Earth to steal from the Ranger Vault. With this warning, Commander Shaw wants the Ranger Vault to be extra guarded, a task Ben and Betty volunteer to help with. Then, the group is alerted about an unknown being stealing Morph-X outside the building, with its bio signs reading alien. Realizing that it could by Ryjack, the Rangers go out and see a silver warrior taking Morph-X and putting into a strange device. They confront the warrior and stop it from touching the device by firing at it. Before Devon has the chance to grab the silver warrior, it teleports away, leaving behind the device.

In the Crystal Dimension, Evox is hooked up to a Morph-X pump station due to possessing Mayor Daniels for a long time, but Scrozzle comes with bad news; they are all out of Morph-X. Suddenly, a blue rhino alien teleports in, and Evox demands to know who he is. The blue rhino alien introduces himself as Ryjack, a collector of powerful artifacts and weapons who has come to Earth to steal the Legendary Ranger Gear from the Ranger Vault. Since Ryjack does not know where the vault is in Grid Battleforce, he came to Evox to help him find it, promising to split the reward with him. Evox says that he does know where the vault is, but he wants Ryjack’s help in destroying the Rangers and stealing Morph-X. Ryjack agrees to those terms and reveals that he has a Reanimizer that can revive a fallen warrior into a robotic clone just as long as an object of the deceased is still around. He uses it on the fallen Vargoyle’s blaster, reviving the latter with a new gold paint job. In addition, Ryjack’s revived soldiers have compliance collars on, meaning that Vargoyle is at his bidding. After Ryjack and Vargoyle teleport away, Evox tells Scrozzle that they will double-cross the former after he succeeds and claim his collection for themselves.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Ben and Betty set up a marble trap in the lab, only for the two to set it off when they must go to the bathroom due to a sneeze from Ben. As the Rangers take the Burke siblings to medical, the silver warrior teleports into the lab without their knowledge and goes into the Ranger Vault to claim its device. However, it tripped the silent alarm, and the Rangers restrain it. Afterwards, Commander Shaw tells the Rangers that they discovered another alien signature in the area, leaving the Beast Bots to take the silver warrior into holding. The Rangers arrive at the construction site where they are shocked to see Vargoyle revived and collecting Morph-X. Ryjack introduces himself to the Rangers, making them wonder who the silver warrior was, and he decides to fight them. Using his Reanimizer, Ryjack summons a squad of Putty Patrollers and Vivix to fight against the Rangers, but they manage to handle the revived foot soldiers with ease. Eventually, the Rangers morph to continue the fight, while Ravi and Zoey take on Ryjack. After being tossed around, Ryjack fires a lightning blast at the two Rangers from his horn. As the other Rangers go to comfort their injured teammates, Ryjack and Vargoyle teleport back to the Crystal Dimension.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Nate says that whatever Ryjack blasted at Ravi and Zoey was causing an alien infection, and it is getting worse by the minute. Devon wonders if the silver warrior they capture might know more about Ryjack, but Nate doubts it, recalling that the alien was stealing Morph-X from them in the first place. Regardless, Commander Shaw allows the Rangers to question the silver warrior, only to see him on the ground due to illness. In a garbled voice, the silver warrior asks for the device Steel is holding, and Devon hesitatingly gives it to the warrior. The silver warrior uses the device to recharge itself, making it capable of speaking proper English and introduces himself as Captain Chaku of the G5 Galaxy Police Force. Chaku explains he traveled to five different galaxies looking for Ryjck, but lost him on Earth and needed the Morph-X to charge himself up. Now knowing that Chaku is on their side, Devon and Nate apologize for containing him and tell him about Ryjack’s blast on Ravi and Zoey. They take Chaku to the two Rangers, and he treats them with a special serum.

Back at the Crystal Dimension, a disgruntled Scrozzle revives the Robo-Generals, who are surprised to see Vargoyle back. Evox deems Ryjack’s first mission not bad, but the latter demands to know more about the Grid Battleforce building. Evox promises to Ryjack that he will tell him all he knows, but first, he orders Vargoyle to attack the remaining Rangers, and orders Scrozzle to send out a Gigadrone to steal Morph-X from a Tower.

At Grid Battleforce, the serum Captain Chaku used on Ravi and Zoey is working, only for control to inform Commander Shaw that Vargolye has appeared again, along with the arrival of the Gigadrone. While Nate and Steel head out to their Zords, Devon goes after Vargoyle, with Chaku tagging along. Nate and Steel arrive in their Zords with Nate changing the Wrecker Zord into its Battle Mode, just as the Gamma Gigadrone teleports into Coral Harbor. The Gigadrone fires at Nate, but the latter strikes back with a Crane Crash, hitting it multiple times. Afterwards, Nate and Steel form the Striker Megazord and destroy the Gigadrone with the Striker Hyper Blast.

Meanwhile, a morphed Devon and Captain Chaku find Vargoyle waiting for them with a squad of Tronics, but during the fight, Devon knocks off Vargoyle’s compliance collar. Now free from Ryjack’s control, Vargoyle tries to teleport away, only to find out that he does not have enough Morph-X to do so. Instead, Vargoyle steals a dirt bike and rides away, just as Chaku and Devon take out the Tronics. Commander Shaw tells Devon and Chaku that Vargoyle is heading to a Morph-X Tower in the south woods and the two ride off on Cruise and the Galactic Interceptor. The two heroes confront Vargoyle near the area and battle on their bikes, ending with Chaku leaping onto Vargoyle. Now on foot, Vargoyle takes on Devon and Chaku, but is overpowered by the two heroes. Afterwards, Devon and Chaku attack with their respective Beast-X Slash and Enforcer Strike, destroying Vargoyle once again.

The Rangers return to see Ravi and Zoey recover from Ryjack’s poison, and they learn the truth about Captain Chaku. They thank Chaku for his help and apologize for making the wrong impression of him along with locking him up. Chaku accepts their apologies and plans to stay on Earth to see Ryjack destroyed for good. Then, Ben and Betty announce their new intruder sensor for the Ranger Vault so it will attack anybody who does not wear a security card. Unfortunately, the others do not have a security card, and it attacks everybody in the room, tying them up. However, Commander Shaw is impressed with the sibling’s work.



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  • This episode marks the return of Vargoyle and his final appearance overall.
  • This episode marks the return of the original Putty Patrollers since their last appearance in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode An Oyster Stew26 years before the premiere of this episode.
  • This episode was aired on Kristina Ho’s (Betty) birthday.
  • The Blue & Yellow Grid Battleforce Rangers only appeared in original footage.
    • The reason they only appeared in original footage it's because possibly almost all footage involved with Shelly.
  • Chaku says the phrase from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series "Let's duel!" before battling Vargoyle, the Putty Patrollers, Vivixs, and the Tronics.

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