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The Intercity Police (インターシティー警察 Intāshitī Keisatsu) is a security force existing in the 30th century. Yuri was an officer of the Intercity Police, having joined to arrest Londerz Family boss Don Dolnero, who was responsible for the murder of her family. In the year 3000, the Intercity Police learnt that Dolnero planned to travel back in time a thousand years to escape his upcoming imprisonment. In order to apprehend him, Yuri infiltrated the Time Defense Bureau, leading to her becoming TimePink of the Timerangers. Case File 1: The Time Fugitives

As revealed by Captain Ryuya, the Intercity Police was derived from the City Guardians originally established by the Asami Group in the year 2000. Case File 43: The History Revision Order

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