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""Is the Baribarian here?""
―Instructor Ritchihiker's first words when he arrived on said warship after Grotch called for him.[src]

""I'm Instructor Ritchihiker. The leader of Former Bowzock Rehabilitation Group. My goal is to straighten out these Bowzock and out them out of order to eliminate the universal traffic wars in space.""
―Ritchihiker introducing himself to the Carrangers (albeit under false pretences) whilst "reforming" JJ Jetton.[src]

""This guy must be far beyond your ability! This is an invention by this Instructor Ritchihiker...the second President of the Bowzock. A monster robots Braking""
―Ritchihiker introducing Braking to the Carrangers after his Wumpers were defeated.[src]

""Carranger...They really...They really are strong.""
―Ritchihiker's final words before his death.[src]

Instructor Ritchihiker (リッチハイカー教授 Ritchihaikā Kyōju, 16-31): A space consultant who teaches and assists in the improvement of others.


He is briefly hired by President Gynamo as his "Evil Director of Human Resources" after Goki-chan was lost. Ritchihkker served as the mastermind who devised the plans to deal with the Carrangers and Signalman, who was apparently an old enemy of Ritchhiker's. He initially met the Carrangers whilst training JJ Jetton for combat with them, hoping his training would be thier downfall but the monster was destroyed.

During the Bowzock Festival, Ritchihiker was accidentally struck by the energy of an evil power that was originally meant to hit Ichitarou Tenma to be used as group treat, mutating him into RitchRitchhiker0 (リッチリッチハイカー RitchiRitchihaikā) and giving him delusional ideas of grandeur that lead to his purchase of a powerful mech: the Braking. (using Gynamo's funds he was saving for his marriage to Zonnette) With his new power, he kicked out Gynamo and Zonette and took over as leader of the Universal Reckless Driving Tribe Bowzock. He piloted the Braking in both of its forms to destroy the Carrangers, but only managed to capture RV Robo before Braking was finally destroyed by VRV Robo, going out in a blaze with its pilot.

RitchiRitchhiker Human

RitchRitchhiker disguised as a barber


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