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"I'm back!"
―Insectolite´s words when grow for the Hydro-Regenerator.[src]
"Ahh! My exoskeleton!."
―Insectolite´s words before of his death.[src]

Insectolite is a centipede/pansy/TV satellite monster, who served Mesogog. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Burning at Both Ends" in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.


Mesogog sent Insectolite to take Trent's powers and give false information to Power Rangers that Trent again turned good. When Conner battled Trent, Insectolite used his energy siphon and took away. Actually Trent already fell under the evil beginning of White Crystal and joined Mesogog. Trent lured Rangers on the warehouse and forced Tommy to competite with him in the race on Raptor Cycles. Rangers fought Insectolite who was able to throw bee bombs and fire blast rays. He also summoned Tyrannodrones. At last Tommy returned, as he defeated Trent in race and forced Insectolite to retreat. Then rangers battled Insectolite in the warehouse and defeated him, but left him alive because he was only who could free Cephalozord and Dimetrozord, which were stolen by Trent. But then Trent appeared and destroyed Insectolite and then brought down Thundersaurus Megazord. Mesogog revived and enlarged Insectolite, but he was again destroyed by DinoStegazord with Cephala Power Punch and Dimetro Saw Blade, but then he himself retreated. Burning at Both Ends


Insectolite was arrogant and confident monster, who took pride in battling the Rangers and capturing Trent. But he was also loyal to Mesogog and Zeltrax.

Powers And Abilities

  • Bee Bombs: Insectolite can throw bee like bombs.  
  • Blast Rays: Insectolite can blast rays in his pansy-satellite in the right hand or left eye.  
  • Infestation: He can infest to his enemies to change sides and unite to Mesogog´s army.

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