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Inner Spirit is the eighteenth episode of Power Rangers Zeo. This is the first of the four-episode story arc that features the quest for the other half of the arrowhead, as well as first appearance of the Red Battlezord.


When Tommy finds himself plagued by troubling dreams, he finds himself returning to an old friend for guidance and learns more than he anticipated. Meanwhile, the Zeo Megazord is incapacitated in a battle with Main Drain, a monster that can drain the life force from mechanical beings, requiring Tommy to master the power of the new Red Battlezord to defeat him.


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  • First appearance of Tommy's biological brother, David.
  • It is revealed that Alpha sleeps in this episode. When Tommy in shown waking him, Alpha is standing in the small alcove in the wall when he wakes up. In For Cryin' Out Loud, however, he appeared to have been asleep on the medical table when Billy revived him.
    • Alpha is shown here wearing a nightcap, having been awakened from his sleep mode.
  • Tommy tries to get the Red Battlezord to copy the movements he makes, a tactic he first tried (much more successfully) with the White Tigerzord in Mighty Morphin's "White Light".
  • Main Drain is the first monster to have broken a Megazord's weapon.
  • Last appearance of Mr. Caplan for the season, though he is mentioned in "The Joke's on Blue" to be on vacation. He makes his next appearance in Turbo's "Shift Into Turbo, Part 2".


  • When Main Drain first appears, he is wearing the upgrades that he would gain later fighting the Zeo Megazord.
  • When Orbus lands on the side of Main Drain, the monster is suddenly colored silver (in reality, the footage used is from when Orbus enlarged Silo).


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