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"Hail Lothor! I'm Inflatron!"
―Inflatron introducing himself to Lothor[src]

"Now I'm really inflated!"
―After being grown by the Scroll of Empowerment.[src]

"I'm popped out! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"
―Inflatron's final words before his destruction.[src]

Inflatron is an ear and balloon-themed monster who serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "Double-Edged Blake".


Inflatron was summoned by Zurgane to destroy Blue Bay Harbor with Shimazu.

The Power Rangers (with Blake being absent to train a young woman name Leanne) came in and try to battle Inflatron and Shimazu, but they were quickly outmatched when Inflatron immobilized them with his attacks. The Navy Ranger came to the rescue and battled him with the new Thunder Blade, Shimazu and Inflatron quickly retreated after a few hits.

Blake had a showdown with Inflatron at the beach and used the Thunder Blade, but no matter how much he tried, the Navy Ranger could not even make a scratch on this balloon monster. Inflatron was about to make the final strike until the Navy Ranger split the Thunder Blade in two and used one half of the Blade to pop a hole in Inflatron's chest to weaken him, and the other half to ultimately destroy him with the Power of Thunder.

Inflatron grew large thanks to the Scroll of Empowerment and the Ninja Rangers used the Thunderstorm Megazord to fight him, Inflatron was too strong for the Thunderstorm Megazord alone, so the Green Ranger summons the Mammothzord to form the Thunderstorm Ultrazord to finally take out Inflatron for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Double-Edged Blake


This monster was full of hot air and loves to mock his victims.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Inflatron has the ability to teleport to any location at will.
  • Gas Burst: While it was never used in the actuate battle, according to Cam, if the Rangers pop one of his balloons, it will release a poisonous gas that will harm others.
  • Balloon Breath: Inflatron can fire a huge barrage of colored balloons from his mouth in rapid succession, they could immobilize people if hit on contact.
  • Homing Sticky Balloons: Inflatron can summon and launch a barrage of colored balloons that will stick to the target and lift them high in the air, they are strong enough to lift the Thunderstorm Megazord off the ground.
  • Lightning Vision: Inflatron can fire yellow lightning beams from his eyes.


  • Rubber Durability: Being made out of balloons, some melee attacks from his enemies will bounce off of him.


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  • Arm Whips: Inflatron has arm-mounted whips for combat, these whips have a huge range and can attack the enemy from afar and cause a burning effect on the target if hit on contact.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Inflatron is the final monster to be fought by the Thunderstorm Ultrazord.
  • While Inflatron isn't the final monster to be faced by the Rangers, he is the final original monster to appear in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, as the monster that gets fought later on, Eyezak, is simply a renamed version of Motodrone's Super Sentai counterpart's upgrade, and the monster after that, Condortron, was a robotic monster built by Vexacus.
  • He is the only monster to be beaten by the Thunder Blade.


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