This article is about a/an Item in Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive.

The Infinity Chain Card

The Infinity Chain Card (無限連鎖カード Mugen Rensa Kādo) (37-39) is a powerful Psyma Magic Card created by Spell-Master Pierre, whose special power is to analyze all attacks of GoGoFive weapons, where an attack hits and therefore prevents it from being useful against the next carrier who uses it. With each attack the carrier receives, the card will scan it, and even if said carrier is destroyed, the card will remain intact, while all of GoGoFive's techniques and attacks will be registered by it. The next carrier to use this card becomes more powerful than the previous carrier, to the point GoGoFive's energy weapons will not work on it. Pierre used this card to merge it with the Saima Beasts of Dragon Dark King Salamandes in a plot to take down GoGoFive, scanning the attacks and abilities of GoGoFive to create an invincible Saima Beast capable of destroying them. There were only three carriers and, in the end, the last carrier and the card itself were destroyed when the GoGoFive used Victory Mars to launch them into the sun.


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