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""See the blazing yewl before us. Bala la la la la la la.""
―Infernotron's first words when scorching a large area with his titular flamethrower.[src]
""Keep your blade to yourself!""
―Infernotron when wrestling with Ravi wielding his Beast-X Saber and his final words before his death[src]

Infernotron is a flame/blowtorch themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. As the secondary antagonist of the epilogue/Christmas episode "Scrozzle’s Revenge", he is the final Robotron of Season 1 and the final monster faced by the Beast Morphers Rangers up to this point.

Character History 

This Robotron was seen burning up cars and buildings until the Rangers come and fight him, having a scuffle with the main three before Blue and Yellow pin him down long enough for Red to finish him with the Beast-X Cannon.


Infernotron is cocky, arrogant, and a rebellious thug-like Robotron.

His voice is spoken in a rough-like tone.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Being the final Robotron throughout the series, Infernotron is by far the most powerful Robotron throughout season 1 of Beast Morphers and was able to prevent Ravi from twisting him and his arm to the ground.
  • Durability-Infernotron was able to shrug off an energy slash from Ravi's Beast-X Sabre right up his front and not even stumble.
  • Foot Spark: As seen when Devon shoved him into a burning car, a diminished spark can be seen flying out of his foot.
  • Flame Whip: He can whip fumes of fire out of his tank arm when being swung around.


  • Flamethrower: Infernotron has a gas tank on his left arm that is used for defence and can shoot streams of purple fire for offence.

Behind the Scenes


Infernotron is voiced by Paul Harrop, with a voice similar to that of his other roles (Shockatron and Fury). 


  • This Robotron is called Burnertron in the toyline. The name is given to a different Robotron in the show itself.
  • He is the seventh Robotron to be created off-screen as he first showed up smashing the city.
  • He is the second Robotron to be created from an unknown object, the first being Shockatron.

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