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"'Tis the season for revenge!"
―Scrozzle piloting Infernodrone[src]

Infernodrone is a Type Alpha Gigadrone created from the data of Infernotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Scrozzle personally piloted this Gigadrone.


Scrozzle personally piloted this Gigadrone as it rampaged across Coral Harbor, burning everything in sight. With Devon, Ravi, Zoey, and Nate still trapped in Christmas ornaments and Steel trying to free them, Cruise, Smash, and Jax had to pilot the zords into battle without the Rangers. While the Wheeler and Chopper Zords evacuated civilians and put out the fires, the Racer Zord took on Infernodrone. After taking a hit from the Racer Zord's Beast Bite, Scrozzle launched two Gigatronics for backup, then began burning into a Morph X Tower. Cruise quickly defeated the Gigatronics and then turned his attention back to Infernodrone. Infernodrone unleashed its flamethrower on Cruise, but the Racer Zord withstood the flames long enough to destroy Infernodrone with the Cheetah hyper strike. Scrozzle, however, survives Infernodrone's destruction. [1]


The Cockpit

Powers and Abilities

  • Flamethrower: Infernodrone could unleash huge jets of flame from the center of its chest.
  • Gigatronic launching: Infernodrone could launch two Gigatronics from its shoulders.


  • Unlike the rest of the Gigadrones, this one had a built-in cockpit for Scrozzle to use (identical to that of Blaze's Megazord).
  • Infernodrone's Go-Busters counterpart BurnerZord is impaled through the back by Go-Buster Ace's sword. This was considered to be very violent for Power Rangers, and thus the Go-Busters footage was edited to remove the sword sticking out of the back of BurnerZord when the Racer Zord uses the Cheetah Strike on Infernodrone. However, the sword can still be seen embedded in Infernodrone's back just before it explodes.
  • Infernodrone is the final Gigadrone to appear in the 2010s and Season 1 of Beast Morphers. However, since it's a piloted mech, the honor of being the final monster of the 2010s goes to its Robotron counterpart.

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