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In the Freeze Zone is the twenty-fifth episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.


Freezard captures four Rangers, with only Carter left to face him and Olympius. Olympius has his own problems as Diabolico returns looking for payback. Queen Bansheera keeps Diabolico in check, and sends her son to get Carter, who defeats Freezard and frees his friends with the new Thermo Blaster.


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  • Ryan pronounces Loki's name as Low-kee (although the Low-kee pronunciation is normally correct, the series pronounces it as Low-kai in all other instances).


  • Freezard references Fat Bastard (a character in the Austin Power series) by saying "Get in my Belly!".
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Thermo Blaster.
  • When Carter uses his thermoscope to search for his friends, Nagare, Shou, Daimon and Matsuri, Chad, Joel, Kelsey and Dana's respective Sentai counterparts make cameos as silhouettes in Freezard's stomach.
  • Ryan Mitchell last appeared in this episode until episode 32.
    Unmorphed GoGo-V Rangers

    Nagare, Shou, Daimon and Matsuri's cameos

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