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As a high-ranking member of the Shadow Line, Emperor of Darkness Z possesses his own Kuliner, called the Imperial Kuliner (皇帝専用クライナー Kōtei sen'yō Kurainā) which is capable of transforming into a Kuliner Robo.

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The Imperial Kuliner is given a white coloring in response to Emperor Z's obsession for light. Nonetheless, such Kuliner still capable of materialising shadow railways when in flight and still wielding turrets in it's cars.

Gritta in Station 22 and station 23 used it when she was promoted to the empress, transforming it into Kuliner Robo and easily defeated the ToQgers with Schwarz in the hijacked Ressha Gattai ToQ-Oh, until the next round where she and Schwarz's Kuliner defeated by Cho Cho ToQ-DaiOh. Despite this, the Ressha was still in use, though no longer seen in action as a Kuliner Robo.

Imperial Kuliner Robo

Imperial Kuliner Robo (皇帝専用クライナーロボ Kōtei sen'yō kurainārobo) is the Imperial Kuliner's robot mode.

Among it's main armaments are twin cannons on its forearms, the Imperial Long Sword (皇帝専用系ロングソード Kōtei Senyō-kei Rongu Sōdo), and the Darkness Wave Twin Super Ressha Cannons (闇波動2連系超烈車砲 Yami Hadō Niren-kei Chō Ressha Hō)

The Imperial Kuliner Robo's finisher attack is Darkness Fall (ダークネスフォール Dākunesu Fōru), energy beams that fired from it's twin cannons that strong enough to neutralize Imagination energies.


  • Imperial Kuliner Robo's face resembles Warz Gill.


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