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Immortality Bōma (フジミボーマ Fujimi Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Dark Boma Zimba.

Character History

Immortality Boma awakens on his own tormenting people with his egg form until he hatches and Zimba joins in his battle. The four Turboranger minus Red Turbo (who was trying to heal from a brutal battle with Yamimaru) try to face him, but he seals all of them within eggs to mutate them into new Immortality Boma soldiers. Forced into facing the Boma Beast instead of recovering, Riki tries to face him down but his injuries and his invincible armor prevent him from making any dent on him until Yamimaru decides to help him escape, wanting Red Turbo as his prey for only himself. After a tough battle, Riki finally gains the sickle to destroy his eggs and free his teammates before they become fully mutated; then takes Yamimaru's advice to attack its mouth to hurt him long enough for a V-Turbo Bazooka. After Zimba grows him, the Turboranger target Turbo Robo's Kousokuken into his mouth, stretching it out to stab him before finishing him off with Turbo Crash.


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His body is invincible, with it completely covered preventing him from being hurt by any and all attacks outside only one weakpoint: his mouth, with the only soft tissue in his frame. His main ability is to turn others into eggs that mutate them into more Immortality Boma if they aren't broken out in time and allow to hatch on their own. The only way to break the eggs is with Immortality Boma's main weapon: a sickle and chain.

Behind the Scenes


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