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Ikusazure (イクサズレ, Ikusazure, 38): Ikusazure is an Ayakashi armed with the Chōhazure Engaijū (帳外炎鎧銃, Peasant Fiery-Armored Gun) who is the commander of the Nanashi Gun Unit (ナナシ鉄砲隊, Nanashi Teppōtai) and the Ōnanashi Ōzutsu Unit (大ナナシ大筒隊, Ōnanashi Ōzutsutai) formed by Shitari. Ikusazure is the first Ayakashi to encounter the Mougyu Bazooka, which Shinken Red uses to end destroy the rifle squad Ikusazure's first life. After his Ozutsu unit is destroyed when Mougyudaioh uses the enlarged bazooka, he battles Mougyudaioh and Shinken Daigoyou before the former finishes him off. He is the basis of the Tsurubebi (釣瓶火) of Japanese myth.


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