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Ikki Kasumi was a ninja and father to Ikkou and Isshuu Kasumi, who would make up the Lightning Speed Gouraiger.

Character History

Ikki was a ninja of the Ikazuchi Way Ninja Academy, skilled and powerful but also infamous due to his tendency to use underhanded and dark abilities to perform his missions. As skilled as he was, he was not typically seen as an ideal member of what the school wished to promote, leading to him being passed over in potentially being a Gouraiger. Regardless, Ikki continued to raise and train his sons, Ikkou and Isshuu, to follow in his footsteps; but did so in a cruel fashion similar to his own ninja way.

One day, during a mission in Egypt, Ikki saw a meteor shower flying in the sky. Staring at the meteors, the Ikazuchi ninja suddenly gained a vision of an ultimate power known as the Evil Will, and became obsessed in trying to bring it about. Knowing of the potential of his sons becoming the Gouraiger someday, Ikki spent the remainder of his life until his death preparing the equipment they would need to be able to pursue this mission of finding the Evil Force, including Gouraiger suits and a mecha known as Gouraijin. He also prepared a special Prediction Device which ran on the special mineral Shinobinium, which he would be able to convey the ability to gain this ultimate power to his sons when the time came.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Scroll 18: Father and Brotherly Bonds


  • He is portrayed by Jiro Dan, who is best known as Hideki Go in The Return of Ultraman.

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