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Ikatamagin (イカタマギン Ikatamagin) (30) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperil Army Zone, combining attributes of the squid-like Ikagin (イカギン Ikagin) and the egg-like Tamagogin (タマゴギン Tamagogin).

Character History

Ikatamagin is created by Chevalier in response to Garoa's first Combined Galactic Warrior, with him using this to create multiplying bombs in order to try and destroy the city. When Fiveman face him, they have a hard time dealing with the multiplying egg bombs and can't even destroy him with the Earth Cannon. Ultimately, Ken decides to work on a new finisher using training from a dodgeball-like game he plays with children to devise the Super Five Ball; using this and his attack, he ultimately defeats the Combined Galactic Warrior. After Chevalier uses Gorlin #25 to make the being larger, Fiveman initially use Star Five until the commander brings in his own Black Gorlin to fight alongside the monster, forcing Arthur to likewise bring out FiveRobo. After an attack leads to the breaking of the chain of the Black Gorlin's morning star weapon, Fiveman and Arthur use the spiked ball to perform a similar attack to the Super Five Ball, tossing him around until it is spiked, destroying the monster upon impact.



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  • His main ability is the usage of special egg bombs which, when fired, explode and multiply with each usage; initially able to split one egg bomb into two, he ultimately can increase to four times with Chevalier's intent of having it split to ten bombs per explosion. He can also regenerate parts of his body using Ikagin's genetics.

Behind the Scenes


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