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Ika Origami drawn in Engine soul style

Ika Origami (烏賊折神 Ika Origami, Squid Folding God) is Shinken Gold's secondary Origami, in the form of a Squid, which forms the back armor, shield, and spear of Ika-ShinkenOh. It has one attack on its own, the Squid Ink Cannon, which fires a jet of ink that distracts or reveals an opponent. It can also combine with the Ebi Origami to form the Ika DaiKaiOh.


As a child, Takeru gave his friend Genta the Ika Disk, which Genta studied and created his powers from.

Kamen Rider Decade


Genta reunites with Ika Origami

When Daiki Kaito (Kamen Rider Diend) arrived in the World of Shinkenger, he stole the Ika Origami from Genta, claiming it as his treasure from that world. Act 20: The Ebi Origami's Transformation As Genta fought Diend as Shinken Gold, the Ayakashi Chinomanako appeared and stole Diend's Diendriver, using it to transform into a monstrous version of Kamen Rider Diend. After Chinomanako was destroyed by a teamup of the Shinkengers with Kamen Riders Decade and Kuuga, Shinken Gold forced Daiki to give back the Ika Origami in exchange for his Diendriver. Kamen Rider Decade: Shinkenger World

Ika ShinkenOh

Combining with the Ika Origami when Shinken Gold pulls back on his sword, ShinkenOh becomes Ika ShinkenOh (イカシンケンオー Ika-Shinken'ō). After combining, the Shinkengers say "Ika ShinkenOh, armed under providence." (イカシンケンオー天下無双 Ika-Shinken'ō tenkamusō). Ika ShinkenOh's attacks include the rapid-fast Squid Spear Line (烏賊槍ぶすま Ika Yaribusuma) and Squid Freezing (烏賊冷凍 Ika Reitō). Ika ShinkenOh's final attack is the Squid Flash (槍烏賊一閃 Yariika Issen), charging the spear with lightning to execute the final blow.

DaiKaiOh Kita (North)

DaiKaiOh Kita (ダイカイオーキタ Daikaiō Kita, North (北)) is DaiKaiOh's mode that combines with the Ika Origami, to become Ika DaiKaiOh (イカダイカイオー Ika-Daikaiō), with an angry yellow face. After mode changing and combining, it announces "I've done it!" (キタキタキタキター! Kita kita kita kitā!) and Shinken Gold announces "Ika DaiKaiOh, armed under providence." (イカダイカイオー天下無双 Ika-Daikaiō tenkamusō). Using the "thrust" ( tsuku) Electronic Mojikara, Ika DaiKaiOh can deliver its Squid Crash (槍烏賊突貫 Yariika Tokkan) finishing attack. It is the only DaiKaiOh mode that requires an auxiliary mecha attachment.

Shin Samurai Armament Ika Tenku Buster

True Samurai Armament Ika Tenku Buster (真侍武装イカテンクウバスター Shin Samurai Busō Ikatenkū Basutā) is the combination of the Kabuto Origami, Kajiki Origami, Tora Origami, and Ika Origami which acts as a cannon for the DaiKaiShinkenOh to use as a weapon. It is able to execute the Origami Grand Release (折神大開放 Origami Daikaihō) attack. However, due to the strain of the large amount of Mojikara required for such a devastating attack, the weapon can only be fired once in any battle. This means it is usually reserved as a finishing strike, because of the risk of power loss if the shot were to miss.

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