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Igua Doggler (イグアドグラー Iguadogurā, 1 & 2):

A combination of two monsters revived by Tube: an iguana-like monster and a humanoid form, both of which can combine into one more significant monster. While Igua (イグア Igua) dragged Mio back to Tube, his Doggler half aided Baraba in attacking the surface. His other half arrives to rejoin him when the Maskmen try to stop Tube's initial invasion. Red Mask mortally wounds this monster before the Shot Bomber is used on this monster. Left for dead on the surface, this monster was revived as a giant where he tried to trample the Maskmen prior to Takeru arriving with their vehicles in the Turboranger. He is ultimately destroyed by Great Five's Photon Electron Riser.

Igua doggler 2

Earth Imperial Doggler and Parasite Igua

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