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Identity Crisis is the fourteenth episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, continuing the Zen-Aku arc that began in the Curse of the Wolf and the subplot connected to future Ranger, Merrick Baliton (a guardian of the Animarium from 3,000 years ago). The episode also introduces the character Animus, a god-like Megazord being who governs the Wild Zords.


As Zen-Aku begins to remember his true past, Nayzor plants a bug in his head which convinces him that he is pure evil and makes him an even more dangerous threat to the Rangers.


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  • Animus makes his first appearance in this episode.
  • This episode marks the closest Zen-Aku comes to remembering his true past.


  • Zen-Aku called for the Predazord to combine after it had already done so.
  • Although it was Alyssa up front when the Rangers summoned the Wild Zords, for some reason the camera focused on Max's Crystal Saber in the close-up.

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