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"Just try it!"
―Icy Angel's final words before her death[src]

Icy Angel is a fallen angel monster from Lost Galaxy who attempts to destroy the Terra Venture by using Commander Stanton. She uses the element of ice to attack her opponents and place them under her spell.


Trakeena enlists the help of Icy Angel in attempt to drive Terra Venture into a giant red star, the same one Commander Stanton had ordered Kai Chen to distance the colony away from. Icy Queen ambushed Stanton (and his daughter Jodie) in the park, using the Stingwingers to create confusion among the populace and the Galaxy Rangers. With no one to stop her, she succeeded in attacking him with an enchanted arrow, one that alters his personality and leaves him devoid of his usual tact or emotion. With Stanton under her control, he follows through with Trakeena's plan, ordering the third and fourth engines be shut off and the course of the colony changed, moving it closer and not farther from the red star.

Kai finally catches onto her plans when he spots her speaking with Stanton, telling him to continue on as he was, knowing it would lead to the destruction of Terra Venture. She wards Kai off long enough for Stanton to escape (only to be locked in a storage room later), however, the other Galaxy Rangers appear and engage in battle with the temptress. She attempts to freeze them with a puff of ice breath but Kai intervenes and stabs her to the ground. She attempts to shoot more arrows at them but Mike intervened with and energy slash that left her open for the Rangers to finish her off   using the Lights of Orion fireball attack. She then made herself grow, resulting in a battle against the Galaxy Megazord and the Defender Torozord.

Icy Angel quickly froze the Galaxy Megazord, with her ice breath but the Defender Torozord struck her with its lance, shattering her. Icy Angel reformed and the Galaxy Megazord was unfrozen when the Rangers called upon the Lights of Orion for power. Defender Torozord struck Icy Angel with its Lightning Spin while the Galaxy Megazord finished her off with the Galaxy Megazord Saber. With the Icy Angel's destruction, Stanton was freed from her spell, allowing Kai to pilot the colony to a safe distance before it is unable to escape the star's gravity.

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  • Icy Angel is a strange monster since she says her final words before being energy slashed by the Magna Defender ("just try it"), laughs when grown, and then is completely silent aside from groans in the Zord fight.

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