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"I'm glad you think it's cool! It's thanks to the Ice Tojiru Gear that Professor Ijirude hooked me up with!"
―Ice World's first words when Barashitara found him freezing Tokyo impressive.[src]

"You've lost your cool if you think you can step up to Ice World!"
―Ice World when confronted by the Zenkaigers.[src]

"Having an extra member isn't going to be enough to let you melt my world of ice! You uncool fools!"
―Ice World when Magine joined the Zenkaigers.[src]

"Wh-which one?! This one!"
―Ice World when making his first guess during Magine's flip cup game and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

Ice World (コオリワルド Kōri Warudo, 3) is an ice-based World Monster from the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo created from the Koori Tojiru Gear that contained Kooritopia. After his death, his Tojiru Gear lasted another life by reforming a Kudaitest into Great Ice World.

Character History

Ice World was created when Ijirude installed the Koori Tojiru Gear into the chest of a Kudakk. His objective was to turn Earth into a frozen wasteland akin to the Ice Age and render Earth an unlivable wasteland so that the Kikaitopians could take over. He originally froze part of the town with Barashitara's supervision which surprised the Zenkaigers somewhat since it was the middle of summer. Barashitara watched a multi-car pileup occur because of black ice and was impressed and told him so to the World Monster's delight. When he revealed that he was given this power by the Tojiru Gear, Barashitara was surprised since he thought that Ijirude was wasting his time on that pet project. The Zenkaigers very quickly arrived transformed but completely missed out on an opening attack because they slid right past Barashitara and Ice World. They slammed into an ice pillar as the duo laughed their heads off and they fell whilst performing their Full Power Charge which got Ice World to attack. He first tried to bisect them with his ice blade but they dodged and he just destroyed a pillar of ice instead so the Zenkaigers unloaded their Geartlingers on him to minimal effect. Barashitara then tried to get involved but even he slipped up on the ice at which point they apparently left off-screen whilst the Zenkaigers encountered Magine. Barashitara and Ice World later returned and froze a coastal port over just to be confronted again by the Zenkaigers although they continued to slip and slide around as Barashitara boasted about how they were doomed. However, Magine then appeared after cowering in the background and joined the team although Ice World was unimpressed so they all transformed with Magine becoming Zenkai Magine.

Ice World then summoned Kudakks so the Zenkaigers then tried their Full Power Charge again only for that to fail again due to the ice under their feet. Once they defeated the Kudakks with the powers of the ToQgers utilized in a train charge attack, Ice World fired off a barrage of icicles which knocked them all down. However, Magine then used her magic to equip herself and the other Zenkaigers with ice cleats which allowed them to overwhelm Ice World with energy slashes up his torso before Kaito took him down with a shockwave kick. Magine decided to take on the World Monster herself so he fired off an icicle but she blocked it with an energy shield and then played a demented version of flip cup which confused Ice World heavily so he picked one but it was the wrong one and he was shot in the back. He then ran over to that cup but it was a hooded figure and he was shot in the back from the remaining cup who he ran to but was tricked by an illusion and then sent flying by a massive energy blast. With Ice World down for the count, the Zenkaigers finished him off with the Zenkai Finish Buster which flew through him, went above him, and plunged down to obliterate him. Although Kaito fell into the freezing water, his ice ceased to exist upon his death so Kaito was saved from a frozen death.


Ice World was much like Mushroom World, particularly in his arrogance factor. The main difference is that rather than mushrooms, Ice World made extensive usage of ice puns.



The original form of the Worlds


When the Kudakk is installed with a Tojiru Gear, it briefly transforms into a Kudaiter before becoming a World.

―Transformation announcement[src]

Ice World

  • World: Kooritopia (コオリトピア Kōritopia)

By using the Koori Tojiru Gear, he changes into Ice World (コオリワルド Kōri Warudo).

Powers and Abilities


  • World Creation: Upon the creation of the World Monster, Ice World can alter the world to his own image.


  • Strength: Ice World was strong enough to break a large chunk of frozen wood with the swing of his ice blade and could toss up the massive pink cups with one hand during Magine's flip cup game.
  • Durability: Ice World was shot repeatedly by the Geartlingers but was barely fazed and getting hit in the back by Magine's magical blasts just made him cringe.
  • Ice Rink Adaption: Ice World was able to maintain traction on the ice rink even while the others around him slipped uncontrollably.
  • Ice Skating Kudakk Summoning: Ice World could summons Kudakks to aid him and Barashitara in battle. These Kudakks had ice skates on their feet allowing them to maintain mobility whereas the Zenkaigers could not.


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  • Tsuralance (ツラランス Tsuraransu): Ice World wielded an ice blade for a right arm in combat.
    • Freezing: By turning the handle on his head, Ice World could freeze the surrounding area via his ice arm blade.
    • Deflection: Ice World could deflect shots from the Geartlingers with his ice blade although the rate of fire meant that they got through quickly anyway.
    • Icicle Shots: Ice World could channel blue mist into his ice arm blade to generate branch-like icicles from the edges and then shoot them from the tip.

Behind the Scenes


Ice World is voiced by Shintaro Ohata (大畑 伸太郎 Ōhata Shintarō), who previously voiced Nanpario Pengino in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger ~GIRLFRIENDS ARMY~.


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