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I Love Lothor is the twentieth episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm. It debuts the first appearance of the Samurai Thunder Megazord.


Marah & Kapri desire to assist their uncle Lothor in taking over the Earth by changing his image, and consult the television producer monster, Mister Ratwell! The idea is to broadcast a sappy sitcom starring Lothor, with a hypnotizing spell , to force all of humanity to adore the Evil Space Ninja. Ratwell's love spell is also used on Cam & Blake, causing both of them to compete to the death for the affections of Tori!


Lothor hires Mr. Ratwell to help him create a television show which will brainwash the population into adoring him as their ruler. During a cooking class, Cam and Blake drink a smoothie spiked with a love potion by Marah and Kapri causing them to fight over Tori and ruin the cooking class.

When Tori stumbles onto the set of Lothor's new show, she is captured. Lothor begins airing his show, which brainwashes people into loving him in another attempt to conquer the world. Cam and Blake take their feud to the beach where they battle for Tori. Mr. Ratwell shows up and starts shooting at them. The two morph and continue fighting each other.

After escaping the studio, Tori appears and tries to stop them. When Mr. Ratwell fires at Tori, Blake goes all out and destroys Mr. Ratwell. Mr. Ratwell retaliates by turning into a giant-sized rat. Cam and the Thunder Rangers destroy Ratwell with the Samurai Thunder Megazord. This breaks the love spell over Cam and Blake, restoring them to normal. This also breaks the love spell over the many girls that were brainwashed by Lothor into falling in love with him causing them to confusedly look at the homemade placards they're holding and toss them aside.

Back at Ninja Ops, Cam and Blake are still recovering from the effects of the love potion and they agree not to fall in love again for a while. Tori questions what Blake was going to say while he and Cam were fighting. But the Navy and Green Rangers shrug it off. Meanwhile, Shane, Dustin, and Hunter arrive with a plate of homemade chicken as a way to make it up for the botched cooking class but it turns out they picked it up from a fast food joint.



  • Kanoi mispronounced Lothor's name as "Lotor".
  • Hunter's American accent slips into Adam Tuominen's Australian when he is talking to Sensei with Shane and Dustin.
  • Kapri claims there are only 5 Rangers when there are 6 by this point. However, as she was referring to making one her boyfriend, she may have been omitting Tori.
  • During the fight between Blake and Cam, their doubles can briefly be seen in some shots.
  • Despite Lothor saying he wants the whole world to fall in love with him, most of the people who fall in love with him are women.


  • This episode mostly acts on the love triangle between Tori, Blake, and Cam.
  • The episode's name may be a reference to the popular tv show I Love Lucy.
  • This episode reveals that Blake still has feelings for Tori.
  • A reference is made to pop music singers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.
  • Adam Tuominen (Hunter) has said that he told the director Hunter would not sit through a cooking class so if the viewers pause the episode to when Tori was interrogating Shane and Dustin about what they said earlier and look closely to the side behind Shane, they can see Hunter taking a snooze in the back.
  • This is the second series and the third time a food fight is featured. The first two were "Food Fight" and "Return of an Old Friend" both from Mighty Morphin Season 1.

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