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The Transport Research Center/Messiah's body, now in Hyper Space

Hyper Space (亜空間 Akūkan, lit. "subspace") is a pocket dimension that Yousuke Sakurada had knowledge of while working at the Energy Management Center 13 years ago. Not much is known of the dimension except that it is a wasteland with remnants of technology brimming at all sides. When the virus Messiah attacked the Transport Research Center, Sakurada decided to contain it by quarantining the entire compound where they were and "transporting" (a form of teleportation) it to Hyper Space.

In Hyper Space, absorbing the digitized scientists, Messiah assimilated the entire compound and thrived on the technology present, including the MegaZords. He also began using the facility's tank as his own Enetron silo. He later sent his avatar Enter to use "Metavirus" technology on Earth devices, and even humans. The Metavirus-created Metaloids would act as markers for his corrupted MegaZords to enter Earth and siphon Enetron. This buildup would allow Messiah's Vaglass to eventually break free from Hyper Space and reenter Earth himself.

Masato Jin, an engineer who was in a separate block of the compound later began siphoning off Messiah's loot of Enetron in Hyper Space. He also sent an avatar of himself, marked by Buddyroid Beet J. Stag in order to more directly counter Messiah's Earth efforts with the aid of the absorbed scientists aiding him in secret.

Though it was Hiromu Sakurada's personal crusade to retrieve his parents and the others humans trapped in Hyper Space, Masato never revealed his colleagues' fate as extensions of Messiah's being until he and the Go-Busters faced Messiah Cell. After Messiah's defeat, though Vaglass Megazords were still coming from there, Hyper Space was beginning to become unstable. Because of its declining stability, Masato selected Hyper Space as the site of the Go-Busters' final battle with Enter with the dimension finally collapsing after Enter's complete destruction.

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